neighbours elly toadie

Elly gets a prison sentence. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

What a week for the UK to go back up to five episodes! There was a lot going on in Erinsborough last week, and it was so nice to be back up to our daily dose of unmissable drama. Thank you, Neighbours, for being back to distract me from my boring salad lunches.

UK week 11th-15th May, episodes 8345-8349

Elly Gets a Shock

It was probably not a shock for anybody watching, but the result of Elly’s trial certainly comes as a shock to her, Toadie and the Kennedys. Despite having a stack of glowing character references and a recommendation by the prosecution service for a suspended sentence, Elly’s trial judge goes all hardball and sends her to the clink.

A distraught Elly is hauled off to prison in front of all the neighbours in the middle of the complex, and she decides she wants to take baby Aster with her. The Kennedys go home with Aster to pack up everything she’ll need, and there is a lot of debate about whether or not to take the baby to the prison, which I thought was insanely out of order. I expect it from Claudia because it’s been her agenda all along to get her hands on Aster, but Karl is also trying to persuade Susan they should keep the baby at home. That is not your decision, Karl. For once, Susan is the one talking sense, and that’s a rare occurrence these days.

Dee and Andrea are Back

Elly has been in prison with her, quite frankly terrifying, cellmate for all of five minutes when everyone’s favourite convict, Andrea, turns up. Andrea immediately starts trying to get Elly to ally herself with her, promising her protection, but Elly is suspicious of what Andrea’s agenda is and refuses the offer of help. So, to press the point, Andrea starts a prison riot which understandably succeeds in scaring Elly to the point that she agrees to a cellmate swap. So now Andrea and Elly are sharing a cell, and Andrea is already calling in the favours, asking Elly to help her to get in touch with her twin, Dee. Dee later comes to the prison to visit Andrea, but nobody is convinced by her assertion that all Andrea wants is to talk to her. Andrea always has an ulterior motive, and I suspect it involves Dee in some way. It’s probably going to be something outlandish like tricking her into a prison uniform so that Andrea can escape and leave Dee in prison instead. I mean, come on, what’s even the point of having an evil twin if you’re not going to do another Fake Dee storyline?

neighbours elly andrea

Elly and Andrea are cellmates. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

The Evil Queens

Elly eventually decides that Aster isn’t safe in prison, so sends her back home with the Kennedys, right into the clutches of Claudia, who of course has been paying Andrea to do her dirty work for her. It is also Claudia who is behind the judge’s unexpected decision, having bribed him using some incriminating photos. Sam and Claudia really are a formidable pair of evil queens, and I’m really enjoying their plotting, but only because I know that when they both get their comeuppance it’s going to be delicious. And their comeuppance may come at the hands of Sky Mangel who, having been consistently awful since she came back, might just have the chance to redeem herself here. She’s suspicious of Claudia, and I hope she pursues her with the same level of tedious dedication she’s applied to everything else since she returned.

neighbours claudia sam

All hail the evil queens. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Kyle Pulls at Grief Group

Kyle goes to his grief counselling group and manages to hook up with a woman whose name I don’t think I caught. I had a nasty feeling about her as soon as she wafted on screen in her pastel dungarees – she’s just too nice. She’s very supportive and kind to Kyle, giving him the chance to talk about Gary’s death, but then they end up in bed, and I have my doubts about anyone who goes to a grief group and singles out a damaged man to hook up with. It’s not exactly classy behaviour.

Roxy inevitably finds out about it and is devastated. It seems Kyle has ruined any chance of them being together before they’ve really got going. I really feel for Roxy.

Paul Continues to be Awful

I’m so bored of having to moan about how awful Paul is but, dear god, he is just pure trash. He’s still behaving like an angry toddler and throwing a tantrum every time any member of his family doesn’t do exactly what he wants. His biggest offence this time is flying off the handle when Pierce and Chloe ask about Harlow staying over with Hendrix. Paul goes ballistic, which is completely pointless considering Harlow and Hendrix have already slept together – that ship has well and truly sailed, my friend. Paul blows up at Pierce, and Harlow overhears. The whole thing backfires quite satisfactorily on Paul when Harlow decides that she’s just going to move in with Pierce, Chloe and Hendrix instead.

Later, David and Aaron decide they want to buy Paul out of the gym, but as soon as Paul hears that Pierce is their potential business partner, he throws another strop and refuses to sell. David loses it and threatens that if Paul won’t sell, then their relationship is over. I don’t know what David is waiting for, honestly, I would just cut him off right now. Paul is exhausting.

So that was our first week with the proper and correct amount of Neighbours episodes. I can’t wait until next week!