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Most Shocking Deaths on LMOE so far (Spoilers!)

Even though the show is post-apocalyptic, every death on The Last Man on Earth has shocked me. I’m never prepared for how easily the writers kill off characters. Here’s LMOE’s most shocking deaths!

Roy, played by Jack Black. He was only on screen approximately half of a second before he was killed off. Can’t really get more shocking than that. If you love Jack Black as much as I do, that character tease felt like a personal attack.

jack black
The Last Man on Earth on FOX

Pat, played by Mark Boone Junior. There was no other option to get out of this confrontation than Pamela shooting him in the back of the head. Though, we learn in the season four premiere, that didn’t even kill him, and we watch him be killed again.

The Last Man on Earth on FOX

Lewis!! Played by Kenneth Choi. Who was expecting Lewis to crash immediately and die a fiery death???? What if one day we find his partner, Mark? I would really enjoy that irony, though it’d be so sad.

crash 2
The Last Man on Earth on FOX

Bonus: Gail didn’t die, but she almost did. Nothing on this show gave me more anxiety than Gail being stuck in that freakin’ elevator. Season 3 midseason finale ended with Gail firing a gun, likely to kill herself after losing all hope of escape. Luckily when the show came back, Gail was still alive, but that was the worst.

gail almost died
The Last Man on Earth on FOX

R.I.P. to these virus survivors. You made it through the worst, but then something dumb caught you in the end.

pat and roy rip
The Last Man on Earth on FOX

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