“Ovary Up Bitch” – Margo

The Magicians collectively come to the conclusion that the Dark King must be assassinated, even Elliott is onboard regardless of the fact that he “caught feelings” for the man. The problem is that they know he’s survived seven assassination attempts in the past since he took their thrones and obviously has some insanely big magic keeping him alive, figuring out what that is and then getting close enough to kill him, is the problem. And it weighs on Elliot’s shoulders as he is the only one who can logically get close enough – but Elliot comes clean to Margo that he can’t be the one to physically do it. Leaving Margo to come up with a solution to this tricky predicament…. One that reaps gorgeously divine entertainment for us viewers. As we know this series adores its pop-cultural references – and we get two in two minutes from these angels.


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We then get introduced to a page, that Alice found in Quentin’s desk, dripping in curiosity. Alice gets Penny to allow a botanist (who was on the Dean’s No Admit list) into Brakebills to have a look at the page. This leads us into our apparent theme of the episode = Shared Consciousness. Explored throughout two realms – the first in Fillory dealing with Seb (The Dark King) and his link to all of the Fillorian trees, being magically tied to them as a conduit – explaining how he survived the seven different assassination attempts that had occurred in the past.  The second being back at Brakebills where it turns out that the botanist Alice brought into Brakebills turns out to have been infected with spores for months, and after he incapacitates a staff member Alice attacks him and he effectively erupts into dust…. And by Dust – we mean fungi spores that move from host to host – all wanting this infamous page from Alice. But she’s got this sh*t handled.


GIF Created by Mia for TheGameofNerds.com of The Magicians on SYFY

After the spore has spread to a handful off people and they effectively say they’ll continue unless Alice gives up the page… Alice relents and summons the spores vis Penny to the Dean’s office, lulls him into security – that she’ll hand over the page if he tells her why they want it.

“It’s an instruction manual. For the world seed. A magical botanical organism – legend is, the seed is pure potential, with the right nurturing it can grow into almost anything, even an entire world.”

Keeping him talking – classic sneak maneuver – realizing that it was a consciousness mixed with fungi – whilst “fungi can typically grow and grow, but you’re also a consciousness like us, and we’re useless. Try to juggle too much at once and we’re useless.” So, Alice, has Bax spreading the fungi too thin to affect the hosts, mentally or physically, they lose control. Quite the femme fatale and badass boss vibes coming out of Alice – handling that situation like a damn pro. Her and Peny’s last question is quite telling of what’s to come in store for the last ever few episodes of the Magicians series. They wonder aloud what Q was doing with something so powerful? *Any of you who have read the book series will be quietly smirking….  for the rest of you – you’ll have to wait and see.

We also get a tidbit of information about why the fungi wanted to seed, to begin with – they owed a huge debt to a pair who ominously refer to themselves as The Couple, this was their way to pay them back – by retrieving the page. We can sense what next week’s episode will feature, stay tuned! Lastly, just to nudge this in, Julia finds out that she’s….


GIF Created by Mia for TheGameofNerds.com of The Magicians on SYFY