Photo Source: The CW // IZombie

Liv ate the the brains of a crazy dare devil named Finn Vincible last week on iZombie. He was a total train wreck and I really don’t blame his friend for setting him on fire (essentially). NOT SAYING I WOULD EVER DO IT MYSELF…but, he sucked.

Luckily, Liv didn’t totally suck on the brain, though. She was just pretty wild. Stapling her head and pranking Clive and whatnot. She also went on a date with Colin and they started making out. I like him, but I still don’t understand how she and Major can just turn on and off their lovey-dovey feelings so easily. It’s bizarre to me. I don’t like it because I’m a MajorLiv shipper. I just made that up. I don’t know their ship name.

Moving on…

Blaine was at his VERY BEST this week. He survived those gunshot wounds–I guess he’s a zombie again? Maybe we’ll find out what’s really going on with him next week. Regardless, he’s gone back to full on bad guy mode. He went full force after his jackass of a father. The apple does NOT fall far from the tree there. In one of the most badass iZombie sequences yet, Blaine hid in a crate, snuck into The Scratching Post, shot his dad’s henchmen, then forced his dad into cement and dropped him into a deep well. It was so. Damn. Satisfying. Now, Blaine is back in business with Don E, and seemingly back to full on villain. Who knows if this means he’ll turn back into a big bad or if his dad will resurface…literally…at some point.

At Fillmore Graves, several of the top executives were killed in a helicopter explosion (we can only assume it was a planned attack), so hardass Chase Graves (JASON DOHRING!!) has returned from war overseas to oversee (hehe) operations at headquarters. I am SO excited to see how he will fit in with Liv’s storyline.

And the episode ended with Ravi infiltrating a zombie haters meeting–fingers crossed he makes it out alive!