Season four’s third episode was a big change from the first two because it was much more low-key. Overall, three things really stood out: 1) Paige’s maternal instincts kicked in and it was amazing to see her take control of the team for a moment. 2) Sly is just?? So cute?? And, of course, 3) Walter Gallo.

This mission took the team into Africa to investigate a poaching problem. But just because human lives weren’t at stake didn’t mean that they wouldn’t throw themselves into the case wholeheartedly. Paige especially made this clear when she casually slipped a deer fetus against her belly to keep it warm in the faux uterus engineered by Toby. Having already yelled at the rest of the team (and threatened Walter) and demanded the fawn be saved after a poacher shot its mother, it wasn’t surprising that Paige took control of that situation again.

(Side Note: I was secretly hoping Happy would be the one to step up to the plate this time. Her body language indicated she had thought about it, and her facial expression while watching the fawn footage at the end of the episode pretty much confirmed that she’s still pondering the possibility of a baby in the future. Please, writers. Let Happy be happy.)

And while it wasn’t completely unexpected, it was also nice to see Sly soften up and let himself become attached to the endangered doe they were saving. He made it clear at the beginning that he wanted nothing to do with the feces that needed to be collected, and appeared to be on the verge of a meltdown when he realized the deer would later be next to him in the Jeep. But then he started hand feeding her during the car ride and I swear my heart melted. One thing I never expected: Sly had a pet deer. Sly. A pet deer. If that is not the cutest thing ever, I don’t know what is.

Sly’s made some awesome progress with his phobias. But that this episode demonstrated that he is not only able to overcome physical fears like germaphobia. His willingness to let himself become attached to the doe (Jane, as he calls her) also shows that he’s opening up emotionally again. After the exchange between him and Happy in episode 2, this is a good sign. I have a feeling this is leading into another love interest for him.


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And, finally, that lovable dork Walter Gallo. It’s not like Walter hasn’t had to function without Cabe before, but this instance was unique. Walter’s odd behavior after he snagged Cabe’s sunglasses was uncomfortable for everyone, but I’m glad the resident loud-mouth, Toby, was quick to point it out. Toby accused Walter of subconsciously mimicking Cabe’s behavior to simulate his presence during the mission because Walter feels guilty about getting Cabe arrested. And I don’t think anyone could disagree with that, even Walter.

This is the second instance in three episodes that Walter has demonstrated odd coping mechanisms for emotions. His new love for Paige and guilt about Cabe must be eating him up in ways he can’t comprehend, so it seems like he’s just acting on whatever subconscious impulse pulls itself forward first. Luckily, Paige stepped up once again and reminded Walter that just because she’s his girlfriend now doesn’t mean that she can’t help him with emotional issues. Which is endearing. But I have a feeling that working through work emotions and romantic emotions simultaneously is going to be a big issue in their relationship this season.

Speaking of relationships, what did you think about Ralph’s new lady interest? Will she stick around? Will Ralph turn out to be a bigger ladies’ man than we ever imagined? Comment below and check back in next week!