The Robot is alive and answers to Dr. Smith now. Yay, she got her wish. And she lied, cheated, and stole in order to get it. But let’s face it, she is around some pretty tough and smart people, how long will it last. Another surprise John and Don are alive. Not exactly safe, as they are floating around in space with only their suits, which means that they don’t have a lot of oxygen. And Will has managed to contact his dad using morse code. Most of the other Jupiter’s have flown back to the Resolute, all but the Jupiter 2, Robinson’s family ship.

Maureen and Judy, along with Dr. Smith and the Robot are all back to the ship and prepare to launch off the dying planet. The truth is out there now and the Robot only listens to June. Will also tells his mom that his dad is alive. In her excitement, Maureen plans to save him, but gets a quick reality check from June, let’s Maureen know that she is not in charge. June has a plan and that only plan is to get to the Resolute and with the Robot in tow to protect her.

Will tries to reconnect with the Robot. And Dr. Smith rubs it in his face a little bit once again. Arrogant and gloating, that her plan worked. Everyone is simply a player in her little game to ensure her way to the new colony. She then continues to sow seeds of doubt and discontent between the Robinson’s. Mostly Maureen. But it seems that she is a little jealous of what they have as a family and the relationships they have with one another. She wants to try and break that down for some reason. Possibly because of her own relationships with her family. Dr. Smith prepares for war.

They launch off the planet and make it to space and there’s no gravity on the ship and the Robot has removed something from his ship and it is now on the Jupiter 2. Victor announces that the Resolute will leave in an hour and Maureen wants to get John. But, true to her character, she is only concerned with herself, threatens Maureen because she doesn’t want to get left. Maureen then throws in a trump card and sends the ship careening back to the earth. Protecting Dr. Smith, the Robot sends her to the safer part of the ship. Maureen purposely trapped her and the Robot in there and she goes to find her husband.

Time is not on their side. They have an hour to grab John and get back to the Resolute before it warps out of the area because the area is about to get volatile. So the plan is to use a harpoon gun to grab their dad and tow him to the ship. Another twist in the story is Will finds out his mom bribed his way into the program. Now that is another thing that he has to deal with and he already feels inadequate enough. Don and John have a good heart to heart and reflect on family and life and love and just the general appreciation to be alive. And then what happens June breaks free. And now she is upset because the fuel and the Resolute are gone.

She sicks the Robot on the family and they are trying to get away because they fear what the Robot will do. Maureen manages to lock Penny and Judy in a chariot, but Will escapes. The Robot finds them and Will tries to appeal to him but he tries to attack him. Maureen does all she can in the bay of the ship to keep him away from her kids and manages to knock him out of the ship. Everything is off course and they still weren’t able to grab John. Then another obstacle shows up. Another robot boards their ship and is out for blood along with Robot. It attacks and in that attack, Will’s suit is compromised. The enemy robot then prepares to shoot will, but Robot is conflicted about that. He ends up saving his friend. But the other robot ain’t giving up so easily. So what happens? Robot death match of course. And after finally reuniting with his friend, Will loses his Robot friend all over again. But this time it was to save Will’s life. Then Will has to face himself and his fears and everyone’s doubts. He has to manually close the door on the ship. Which means going out into to open space to save his mother. He manages it, even shocking himself but then he misses a rung on the ladder and floats away. But he can’t scream or cry. All he can do is believe even more is that he is not adequate enough to be apart of the Robinson family.

Dad to the rescue. Toting the harpoon along with him, John catches his son and they are safely aboard the ship. Everyone safe and reunited and no fuel or sign of the Resolute. But its dire circumstances for the Robinson’s and Dr. Smith. They are stuck. And Maureen confronts June about saving John, but is it part of another plan that she is concocting now that she is locked up? Most definitely. What will happen to them now? Is it over? Does the story end here? Nope! The Resolute shows up and they are saved thanks to Victor who finally did the right thing. But in true Lost in Space fashion, something goes wrong. Looks like the Robot brought something abroad the Jupiter 2 that can control it. And they warp off into space before the Resolute can pick them up. The engine warps the ship into what the Robot first called “danger”.