I like green, but this is to much green fire. Photo Credit: The Game of Thrones/HBO


As always you see lots of death in a season of Game of Thrones, this season did not disappoint the Grim Reaper.

High Sparrow: The leader of the religious group the Sparrows met his end thanks to Cersei, sadly that was the only happy ending that came in my eyes from Cersei and the wildfire. The High Sparrow was a formidable opponent for a while, but if you are not willing to use violence you are not playing with a full deck.

Loras, Margaery, and Mace Tyrell: Their deaths didn’t have a huge effect on me personally, but I know that for the story purposes these losses were big. Loras gave up and lost his way and was unwilling to fight. He was willing to give up his dignity and his claim back home from the High Sparrow’s wishes for his ‘crimes’. While Margaery was, in fact, the queen she sure didn’t make any serious changes in the capital after all. The biggest thing to come out of this is that their grandmother has sided with the sand snakes to get revenge on Cersei and King’s Landing.

Tommen Lannister/Baratheon: Poor weak lost soul pawn of a king Tommen. He committed shocking suicide after seeing what transpired with the wildfire. He lost his wife, he lost what he thought was right with the religion from the Sparrows. He realized that he was not a king but just a puppet at his mother’s whim’s and jumped out the window, which led to Cersei going full heel mode and taking the crown.

Ramsay Bolton: A complete asshole and these are already too many words to waste on such a filth of a human. I did like that Sansa got a slight hint of retribution by allowing Ramsay’s dogs to literally bite his face off.

Hodor: Precious Hodor, am I allowed to say that I shed literal man tears at his passing? If not I don’t care because it happened. Even though the Hodor we knew for so long was a man of one word, you could tell that he was a big man with a kind soul and a huge heart. He literally stood up to the demons of the night to protect Bran and hopefully for the world. Hodor I will never forget you.

Wun Wun: Giant man. Giant heart. Without Wun Wun, House Stark wouldn’t have really won the battle of the bastards. His sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Who will be next? How many names will fall next season? I can’t wait to find out.