It’s a good day for Rick and Morty fans because McDonald’s has announced the return of its Szechuan Sauce (again). Last October, McDonald’s launched the first return of the sauce, but was met with upset patrons when the sauce sold out too quickly. This time, the sauce will not be in limited supply. McDonald’s has stated that there will be 20 million packets of the gooey goodness across all United States McDonald’s restaurants.

Rick and Morty

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The website McDonald’s cited in its tweet contains the three-episode podcast “The Sauce”, which details the story of the restaurant’s good intentions in bringing the sauce back last fall and how its employees have worked to rectify the mistakes made. Catherine LeClair hosts the podcast.

The Szechuan McNugget Sauce will be available on Feb. 26, 2018 with qualifying purchase while supplies last.

Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce

Photo Source: @McDonalds via Twitter