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“Into the Badlands”-‘Dragonfly’s Last Dance’ Review

The end of all things is coming on #IntoTheBadlands...
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The theme of the Badlands has always been conflict: between barons, for a limited number of resources, to sustain and survive. Conflicts also arise within allies. Last week’s episode focused on The Widow’s plans to take out Baron Chau once and for all. With Gaius backing her play, Viceroy Lydia and Regent Moon disagreed with throwing a troops an masse at Chau’s garrison. Before anything could be finalized, The Widow’s mansion is attacked by Butterflies in bowlers. An inside job led by Ren and Arthur, Minerva and Gaius are captured, Lydia hides and Moon isn’t seen during the melée. The traitors cause for betraying their baron: an armistice with Chau.

At the River King’s stronghold, Sunny gains more information about Pilgrim and where to find him. The River King is nothing if not a man of his word and provides Sunny with a map to find him. Sunny is seeking deeper knowledge and wants to know all he can about the cult leader. All River King can tell him is to run far, far away from the zealot.

Courtesy of Aidan Monaghan/AMC

At the cult’s island fortress, Castor is given a funeral fit for a treasured warrior and son. Grief is apparently a strong bringer of visions as Cressida feels the presence of the catalyst (Sunny) draw closer to them. Grief is also a thing that can pull people apart. Pilgrim’s trust in his priestess is shaken after her deception with Castor. Their relationship has fundamentally changed and attaining Azra may not bring it back to where it was.

Also distrustful, Nix. She doesn’t believe Pilgrim’s explanation of how Castor died peacefully in his arms . She saw the asphyxiation marks around his neck and let her leader know “Peace doesn’t leave marks.”

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Based on the River King’s instructions, Sunny seeks out the captain that piloted Lily’s boat when Sunny was on it as a boy. The old river dog tells Sunny his sister was his guardian angel the night they were boarded by mercenaries in black and red. Sunny doesn’t even remember her name.

Back at base camp Widow, Lydia involves herself with taking the armistice agreement to Chau. Speaking in code, The Widow tells her Viceroy to take the high road trail. On her way, she’s stopped by a very angry Tilda who only listens because Lydia asks for Moon. They set a plan but have a very finite amount of time to execute it.

Courtesy of Aidan Monaghan/AMC

Because she’s The Widow and a real G, Minerva busts herself and Gaius out of her gilded cage and the two take on the traitor butterflies. Outgunned, the strongest former butterfly of them all bursts through the doors and takes out 15 plus archers without breaking a sweat. Tilda. The baby G of the OG. As always, she’s usually right on time.

At the River King’s warehouse, Sunny returns for answers about his sister, answers in one of the River King’s ledger. Of course he betrays Sunny and the mercenaries in black and red are waiting for him. Black Lotus. They attack and Sunny’s ready. Fueled by rage and lack of knowledge regarding his past, Sunny takes them all out. And for his finale, he impales the River King. A fitting end.

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