Top Furry Art for the 4th Week of March 2020

Time to round out March with some more furry art. Come in and find some new favs!

Another week, another round of furry art. We’ve also made it to the end of another month as well. Hard to believe we’ve already blown through two months!

March had some pretty good picks so far – let’s see if it can finish strong with this week’s picks.

As a reminder, the rules have been updated – while there is a focus on recent art, any art I find that I like will also get a chance to be featured. It doesn’t matter if it’s last week old or last year old if I like it, it’s eligible! 

Art reposted by other accounts (aside from the artist or commissioner) is also something I’ll look at. I typically ignore these but if I find a piece I like I’ll do some digging and see if I can find the original post so I can direct link to that. 

With that out of the way, let’s get it on!

7. Water Otter Mage

Starting things off this week is this adorable otter mage by Inksoda.

Come to think of it, an otter being a water mage just seems to make sense, kinda like having otters be sailors as Brian Jacques did in his Redwall series. Really loving the blues on that cape and book. The gold trim on the book is a nice touch as well.

6. Bunny Tennis

Coming in at the six spot is another adorable piece. Here we got what looks like a couple of bunnies playing some good ol’ tennis with each other. Gotta get out and exercise it seems!

It’s always cool to see some action poses, and that rabbit in the front has her eyes dead set on whacking that ball. Will they make it? We may never know!

5. Rook the Zebra

Seems like some cool glows and shadows are taking the five spot this week. Seriously – those purplish glows and dark shadows are great, and really add to the piece. Also check out that jacket – I love the design of it and those spikes look killer.

This piece was done by Natalie de Corsair, who has a similar art style to a familiar face on this series, Linngrimm. In fact, the trio used to work on The Crown of Leaves, but it seems Natalie left the project after the first chapter was completed. She puts out some great pieces, and if you want more art in the style of Linngrimm’s, definitely check her out!

4. Jax Tiger Chills Out

Ok, I swear I didn’t plan this. It just so happens that the number 4 spot also has a bit of a punk look to it, but honestly I found Flame Expression’s piece here to be juuuust a little cooler.

I love the way they do the colors on the piece, and the character design over all looks pretty nice. There’s just so many details, patches, accessories, spikes, and more that make this a real delight to look at. Wonder how well they mosh?

Before we hit up the top three pieces let’s take a look at some other cool pieces.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen some animation, and it came back with a vengeance this week! While the piece is a year old remember the new rules allow any art that I discover during the week, not just recent pieces!

Series regular Alector Fencer had this pretty awesome thief character done this week. But unfortunately, they were baaaarely outdone by another piece. Which one? You’ll have to wait for the top three!

Speaking of Alector, they and a good chunk of artists came together and produced a coloring book. Check out this sample picture from it! Best of all, it’s free to download. Awesome job there guys.

And finally, here’s a cute reminder to take care of yourself. This artist is open for commissions, and honestly they couldn’t have picked a more appropriate – and cuter – example.

And now, onto the top three picks.

3. Wild Hunter

Starting of the top three is this beautiful piece by Kahosdog. The cool colors here are a pleasure to look at, and the warm glow of the sun in the distance gives a nice contrast and really contributes to the overall beauty of the piece.

Then you have the detail on the African Wild Dog – I can’t tell if those are spots or paint but it’s pretty cool, and that spear is wicked on top of that.

It also reminds me of of an older Magic: The Gathering card. Like something I’d see from Fourth Edition. Well done Khaosdog!

2. Robot Life

Series regular Kyander once again coming at us with some stellar art. And you thought Protogens were the only cybernetic critters on the block!

What mainly does it for me is the details! Goodness gracious check out the details on that robot! Full-on mechanical work never seems easy, and when it’s well-done as this, it’s great. Kyander’s usual good use of colors and backgrounds also add to this already amazing piece.

And now, the #1 piece of the week is…

1. Cosmic Deer

Coming in at the number one spot is this phenomenal piece by Jonas Jödicke. Anything cosmic immediately gets my attention but my goodness, this is just amazing to look at. There’s just so much going on here (did you catch the black hole between the antlers?) and when you also try to add in a symbolic interpretation things get even deeper.

Also, you gotta love that contrast between the glow of the blue deer and the fiery glow of the sun underneath them. It’s like a pass from calm to intense, a mix of emotions in a single piece.

This along with three other pieces in the original tweet (see art credit) were up for grabs in a Twitter contest, but this was my top pick not just of the four, but for this week too. Well done Jödicke and congratulations!

And that wraps it up for not just this week, but for the month as well! Time to get into furry mischief with April! And remember: wash those beans!

….it’s a furry word for paw pads.

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