The Flash 6x15 1

The great explorer and mythbuster Nash Wells. Photo taken via direct screenshot from the episode.

Please Keep In Mind That This Article Contains Potential Spoilers For “The Exorcism Of Nash Wells” and Events That Occurred Prior

This week was all about Nash, as he was taken prisoner in his own mind by none other than The Reverse Flash. With his imprisonment, we finally got a clearer picture when it came to his obsession with Allegra. Flashing to his past, we met Maya—a child he met and then raised during his many expeditions over the years. She was, for all intensive purposes, his child. A child that he lost when she valued the prize over her life—a lesson taught to her by Nash. There was solid character work at play for Nash, but I think the best part is easily Tom Cavanagh’s extreme talent. His work doesn’t get enough praise, and his emotional performance was fantastic and heart wrenching. The fact that Cavanagh can bring such weight to all of the many Wells, while at times switching between them on the fly, is an incredible feat. One that not all actors can do.

Speaking of the many Wells, Thawne was out to create mischief. For better or worse, his appearance only lasted one episode—but he sure does know how to make an impact. The best part of his resurgence this time was how it affected Barry. Namely, how it brought back up the loss of Nora. An extremely heavy loss that I feel has been forgotten/not focused on all too often this season. But here, we see Barry struggling to overcome that tragedy, one that gives Thawne even more power him. Also brought up? Thawne’s personal connection to Nora. Another detail that isn’t talked about nearly enough after its initial reveal—specifically in how their antagonistic dynamic is affected. With Thawne’s essence out there in the wild, could the show be setting up a new actor to take on the mantle? 

The Flash 6x15 2

Thawne terrorizing Nash Wells. Photo taken via direct screenshot from the episode.

Even though Nash was the focus, and with him Thawne, there were many other plot threads weaving around this episode. One of those being Black Hole surfacing once again. This time we didn’t get Doctor Light, but instead someone entirely new. Sunshine felt like a villain of the week, but at the same time felt integral to the season’s overall story—something that’s all to rare when it comes to our rotating villains. Sunshine was visually fun and interesting, and provided a breath of breath air in our usual action sequences. We didn’t get much from her in the way of character work, but I would hope that she will continue to show her face down the line—much like Doctor Light. 

On top of all of that, we also had some movement on the Mirror Master front. Just a little movement though, with fake Iris getting a new fake friend in Camilla. This is also the first time that these mirror copies have shown any shred of real autonomy—things with their own goals and agendas. Rather than solely being a simple reflection of Eva. I am just about ready for these imposters to be unmasked by our team though. The whole thing already feels dragged out, with now a second character imprisoned and unable to advance character wise. I feel like with Iris’ journalism and investigative skills, she should have already sensed that something was off with Eva at this point. 

The Flash 6x15 3

Our new ray of Sunshine. Photo taken via direct screenshot from the episode.

Needless to say, there was a lot going on this week. “The Exorcism of Eobard Thawne” was a busy, but important episode. All of the varying plot threads seemed to matter, even if it was a bit overcrowded at times. It’s a shame that Thawne only got one whole episode, but here’s to hoping it’s a set-up for a bigger more substantial return. But then again, that’s what I hoped for after his escape last season. Speaking of continually disappearing, where does Ralph keep vanishing to?


Bonus Notes:

  • There is zero way that Killer Frost would have gotten to that crime scene in time. Did they just forget that she can’t travel that fast?

Special Note: We’ve had to resort to taking direct screenshots of the episode ourselves and/or repeated and unrelated Flash images due to the CW Network failing to provide adequate photos for proper coverage. 


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