Source: Supergirl // CW

This week weirdly felt like a filler episode, even though alot happened and huge strides were made in almost every storyline. Honestly, I’m blaming The Guardian.

So what actually did happen this week?

– James all the sudden had a murderous vigilante crime rival that everyone assumed was The Guardian.

Honestly, I just can’t get into this storyline in the least. The one saving grace this week was Alex finding out about it and serving major shade towards Winn and James at every turn.

– Cadmus had Mon-El and were using him to bait Supergirl into being captured, which obviously worked. .

This was the main storyline of the night and definitely the best. Cadmus had not only captured Mon and Kara, but they’ve had the real Hank Henshaw with them this whole time, and have made him into Cyborg Superman. Slightly disappointed that my Dean Cain is CS theory didn’t pan out but that’s okay.

Jeremiah did show up in the final minutes to save Kara and Mon and help them escape. He seemed perfectly okay? Which is definitely strange. I’m permanently suspicious of this storyline because i’m convinced its just going to end in super angst for Alex.

– Alex gave Maggie a great speech about how they arn’t friends and how hurt she was. It was a wonderful little recap of their whole relationship thus far and you could clearly see how hurt Alex still was. Thankfully Maggie showed up at Kara’s and made a plea to Alex for their friendship.

– J’onn finds out M’gann is a white martian and locks her up.

I knew this would happen soon, but I honestly didn’t think quite this quickly. It was just as heartbreaking as I feared. The worst reveal however was that M’gann’s blood was transforming J’onn into a white martian himself.

The next episode is the beginning of the 4 episode crossover as well as the thanksgiving episode so its bound to be a fun one!!

Submitted by Jenn Lueck