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Alright, so we are in the midst of a literal global pandemic, borders are closing, quarantine is on, and the best thing you can do is stay at home and keep to yourself. I mean, at least we get to catch up on our favorite shows while we wait for things to calm down, right? Wasn’t it everyone’s dream at some point to just stay at home and watch TV? Can’t we pretend that that’s just what we’re all doing? I don’t see why not! So let’s hold on to our sanity a little longer, turn off the news for a second and instead focus our attention on the new episode of Schitt’s Creek. Titled “The Bachelor Party” it’s the one we’ve been waiting for since David picked Stevie to be his Maid of Honor. Initially, she had no idea what to plan, and that basically hasn’t changed at all. After deciding to make it a joint party David sent her a seven-page email about his dream bachelor party while Patrick had a much lower standard for their joint affair. Stevie did her best to mitigate between the two. So the night’s agenda is as follows: drinks and appetizers at The Wobbly Elm for David, and for Patrick, they will be doing an escape room. After finding out what an escape room is, David is shocked his family would even agree to participate, as he should be because none of them actually did because none of them replied to Stevie’s messages which means they agreed by default.But now seems like a bad time for a team exercise of any kind since it seems like the remaining Roses are all in free fall worrying about their personal futures.First, let’s check in with Alexis. Although she’s doing better than we saw her last week, in that she’s actually putting normal clothes on, she’s relapsed into her post-breakup depression when the succulent plant Ted gave her dies. This was the final physical thing left of their relationship and she’s taking its death pretty hard, but after a very relatable and dramatic speech from David, mostly about how he’s the unstable sibling allowed, he gets Alexis to agree to the bachelor party.After turning down the Sunrise Bay reboot, Moira rebounds by landing a radio commercial deal with Larry Air, the same airline Stevie worked at for half a second. It’s the next step in her comeback. Yet, when she and her publicist Alexis head into the studio to record the commercial they find the whole campaign to be as tacky and poorly thought out as the careless airline was initially shown to be back at the beginning of the season, this leads to a somewhat awkward getaway that was only remedied by a hilarious scene of Alexis trying to impersonate her mother’s voice. Though Moira managed to dodge that bullet, the question remains what could possibly be next for her acting career after the Crows movie? Not TV, not radio, alas it seems like Moira’s inevitable rise to fame is going to be far from clear cut, for now.Meanwhile, Johnny informs Stevie and Roland that he’s reached out to his old contacts about finding an investor for the Rosebud Motel Group, and he might have one. Mike Morrison, Johnny’s old assistant, is now a big venture capitalist and might be interested in investing. After playing some phone tag, Johnny leaves him a message hoping he will call back and schedule an official meeting, but again timing is everything.In this case, it’s time to start the escape room which has a no-phone policy, meaning Johnny has to surrender his device as Patrick shows up thrilled to begin the game. It turns out Patrick loves escape rooms because he used to do them with his family, and since they’re not here he wanted to spend his bachelor party doing one with his new family. Truly, this man is so pure and adorable. Good thing that’s a quality his partner shares because after discovering some initial clues David becomes obsessed with winning the game much to Moira and Johnny’s dismay since they’re bored and anxious and are just trying to leave the room.But despite all their struggles Stevie, Patrick, and the Roses come together to solve it in a loving moment of cooperation.Just kidding, I thought we could use a small joke this week. No, instead, Alexis saved the day. Almost single-handedly. Despite the “Galapagos-themed room” that can’t help but make Alexis think of her ex, she quickly shifts her focus from mourning her relationship to solving the puzzle one step after another, all the while sprinkling in wild personal stories and celebrity names just like her signature old self. Within minutes she’s found the key and they’re free, and it seems like Alexis is back to her killer confident self on top of it all. Finally able to check his phone, Johnny listens to a message from Mike Morrison, he wants to set up a meeting. This looks like a legitimate investor is about to be brought in, meaning the Rosebud is about to franchise and grow like the empire Johnny build with Rose Video, and the entire family is thrilled this means they may end up rich again but there’s still a long way for this story to go so let’s not say goodbye to Schitt’s Creek just yet.The final significant scene came in the Wobbly Elm as everyone is celebrating over drinks. David asks Alexis how she managed to be so clever and competent in the escape room and she says it was because under the pressure she finally felt like herself again. Only now she’s realizing that she’s outgrown her environment and if she’s going to further her career she needs to move on to somewhere bigger where she could expand her publicist company. This is a very appropriate natural next step for Alexis, after the big breakup with her soulmate Ted we had no idea what came next for her, and with David moving out and marrying Patrick it wouldn’t have been right for her to just stay in that motel room on her own. Instead, we get this new twist halfway through the final season and while we can’t be sure exactly how it will turn out it feels like a worthy path for this dynamic and lovable character.So that’s it for this week folks. A solid episode that drove the final storylines of most of the characters along while also keeping our minds off of the dystopian reality we are having to live in for who knows how much longer. Let’s hope by next week everyone will have cause to calm down a bit but that Schitt’s Creek will remain just as good, in the meantime stay safe and healthy, and absolutely wash your hands people!

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