Dimension 20 brought me to the Dropout platform. However, I quickly fell in love with other series on the service. Game Changer became a staple in my household. Two of my favorite episodes of this series were Noise Boys and Official Cast Recording. Improv musical and dudes making crazy accurate sounds? Sign me up! With that in mind, I am happy to share the spin-off series Make Some Noise!   

Make some noise
Source: Dropout

The Premise

Make Some Noise is based on the Game Changer episodes of Noise Boys. Improv and humor are the keys here, with the game’s premise being simple enough. There are three players, and the game is divided into three segments. First, players work alone, in pairs, and finally, they all work together. Players must complete a never before seen prompt displayed on a screen and make the host, Sam Reich, laugh. The prize? Bragging rights and the infamous Golden Ear. Overall, the idea of the game is simple and always left my side hurting from laughing.


The first episode, HBO’s A Game of Rock Paper Scissors, had the original Noise Boys playing. But, of course, I am talking about Josh Ruben, Zac Oyama, and Brennan Lee Mulligan. Mulligan’s delivery of the prompt “A monologue from HBO’s “Game of Rock Paper Scissors'” left me in stitches. Then, moving on in the season, we met some new faces. First, Lisa Gilroy and Mary Elizabeth Kelly killed it in episode five. Then in episode eight, we saw Ruha Taslimi and Oscar Montoya. Their improv skills left me laughing even hours after the fact. Every one of these episodes is a gem, and I will cherish them for the unforeseeable future. Overall, I commend every player’s skills and flair for comedy and thank them for sharing that with us viewers.

Odds and Ends

To learn more about the original game show, check out my article on Game Changer. Then, to check out the episodes mentioned in the article and more, head over to Dropout. Ultimately, I highly recommend this show to anyone looking for a laugh.