Let this be a warning, this show is for mature audiences only.


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This week’s episode begins with Hodges watching a video of the mom and baby from the beginning of last week’s episode. The mom is singing happy birthday (one month old) to the baby in the video and just when I was beginning to think this was a way Hodges was torturing himself blood starts pouring out of the moms mouth and out of both sets of eyes. It becomes clear this is another message from his friend, Mr. Mercedes. This case has obviously gotten under Hodges skin, even when he is sober it is taunting him, and these videos are in NO way helping. On this particular night he starts hearing rustling from outside and checks the video cameras but doesn’t see anything. When he hears the noise again he grabs his gun and rushes outside to see if he can find the source of the noise. Thinking its Mr. Mercedes, he is surprised to see it was the neighbor kid lying on the ground with a broken arm and of course he is pointing his gun at him. Hearing Hodges yell, Ida comes over and calls the cops.

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Later when the cops get there, Ida hands Hodges a bottle of whiskey and offers him a cover story (that she brought the whiskey over to calm Hodges nerves because he was on the brink of a panic attack and Hodges already smelt like alcohol and it doesn’t take a genius to know that smelling like alcohol and pointing a gun at a kids head isn’t the best). After talking to with the cops and Ida has left, Hodges does actually have a panic attack and continues to be haunted by the video he saw.

At Brain Bud’s, the electronic store Brady works for, Lou (Breeda Wool), Brady’s coworker is dealing with an upset customer and ends up pissing him off. The customer comes back to take issue with her “alternative lifestyle”. After telling him off, in a totally kick ass way, Brady comes back just in time to her their boss, Frobisher (Robert Stanton), yelling at her. Brady ends up laughing and Frobisher tells him, “it is not appropriate for you to find her funny, ever”, and then they both get a talking to, which ends with Frobisher saying all three of them will continue this during lunch.

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We then go to Jerome and Hodges looking at his computer ad Jerome is still trying to figure out who is sending Bill all of these emails. Hodges sort of explains what the last video was, but doesn’t get into much detail. He then gets a call from his old partner, Pete, telling him to come down to the station so the can talk about the shooting that almost was the night before. When he gets there Pete grills him about the accident and tells him he needs to find a hobby and to lose weight. Pissed off, Hodges leaves.

When we catch up with Brady, he is in his basement doing arts and crafts (kidding of course, but he is pouring what looks to be blood on a blank canvas). His mother starts knocking on the door and demands to know what the hell he is doing down there all the time. They talk for a bit and Brady holds her off, for now.

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Come back to Hodges and he has driven to Olivia Trelawney’s, she was the owner of the Mercedes used at the City Center Massacre, house. While looking at the house Hodges, has a flash back to one of the times he and Pete questioned her. She was clearly annoyed that she still had to be answering questions and that people blamed her for what happened. While questioning her they ask if perhaps she left the key in the car or if there was a spare key. She claims that she always held the key in her hand, finger on the panic button incase there was a mugger or something.

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Back in the present and still sitting outside Olivia Trelawney’s house, a security guard pulls up behind Hodges. Hodges asks if anyone is living in Trelawney’s house, since she had killed herself. The security guard explains that Janie Patterson (Mary-Louise Parker), Olivia Trelawney’s sister, inherited the house and looks after it, having moved from LA to take care of their mother.

It appears it must be lunchtime because Brady, Lou, and Frobisher are all in his office and Frobisher is lecturing his two employees. They’re talking about how the world is going digital and tells them they both need to work on their customer service skills. He then tells Brady that he is more concerned about him, saying “Sometimes you come across as just plain weird” and sites that the customers say he’s off. He then goes on to tell them that in three weeks there will be a Gala at a new art center and thousands of people will be attending (this will be important later I think) and tells them that they will be needed for that event and to be on their A-game.

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Hodges is back home and brings Ida some doughnuts for helping him out the night before. After having tea with her, Hodges walks back home, looking through his mail and finds a letter with a certain smiley face on the envelope. In it is a letter from Mr. Mercedes. He is taunting him about suicide. He knows that Hodges has been depressed and says that he will be watching. The letter ends with Mr. Mercedes telling Hodges that he has created a profile for him on the site Under Debbie’s Blue Umbrella and sends the Username (KermitFrog19) and a Password (Smush).

After reading it Hodges sets the letter down carefully on the table and at that moment Jerome, with his dog Odell, knocks on the door. After getting Odell out of the house (as he is closing the door you can hear the creepy song of the ice cream man in the background) Hodges has Jerome look at the last page and tells him that he even know his real name. His real name was Kermit, but he hasn’t gone by that since he left Ireland when he was 17. Jerome, after laughing about Kermit being Hodges real name, then has to tell him how to access the website and wants to read the rest of the letter. Hodges doesn’t let him and ushers him out the door and tells him it’s not safe for him to come around since Mr. Mercedes knows where he lives.

At Brady’s house, Brady gets home and finds his mom painting her toenails. She seems to be short with him so he goes downstairs and comes back up with a remote looking thing that he calls “Thing B”. When asked what it does he says “controls shit” and goes on to explain that it can activate or deactivate anything he wants. Right now he has it programmed to do two things: control Mrs. Blanches blinds (a neighbor) and traffic lights. With that he can change the light from red to green on any traffic light he wants.

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Hodges goes to meet Janie at her apartment. As they are talking Hodges mentions that he believes the Mercedes Killer has contacted him and Janie informs him that the killer had contacted Olivia as well. She asks if he had brought up suicide and tells Hodges that, if what her sister was saying was true, that he, Mr. Mercedes, was taunting her and encouraging her to commit suicide. Sound familiar?

Closing up shop Frobisher tells Lou that he will set the alarm after he is done filling out some reports. Well, finishing some reports might just be the worst euphemism for watching porn I have ever heard, because that’s what he is really doing, but before he can begin to…enjoy himself the computer shuts down and blows up. A lot of sparks hit him in the face. Cut to outside and paramedics are putting him in the ambulance and Brady arrives and talks to Lou. I get the impression that he is a bit too happy about the computer exploding.

Back at Janie’s, her and Hodges continue talking about the case. He tells her that he hasn’t shown the police the letter because he plans to act on it himself. Janie tells him that she wants to know who tormented her sister to kill herself, saying that their mother was the only one who believed her. He asks if he could talk to her mother about the case and she says yes.

When Hodges get’s home he goes to his computer and goes onto Under Debbie’s Blue Umbrella and sends a message saying “I’m here Fuckhead. Let’s play.”

Mr. Mercedes Audience Screenshot by Niles The Game of Nerds