The Next Base? 

The beginning of this episode started off awkward because Harvey’s dad asked if he had protection, insinuating that he is going to be sexually active with Ros. I thought it was a little awkward to insert this personal conflict in this season considering this was never a concern when he was with Sabrina. I know it’s messy to say, but I actually like Ros with Harvey more than Sabrina. Only because Ros is fun and 100% honest with Harvey. She doesn’t have a secret life or have to abandon him for things like ruling hell……again it’s no big deal. I believe Harvey is nervous about going to the next base with Ros because of the disappointment that he felt after ending things with Sabrina. He doesn’t want to let her down to the point where she feels the need to leave him. Harvey won’t say it, but he feels like it was his fault that Sabrina isn’t with him anymore. Hopefully being with Ros will make him feel secure enough to nourish his relationship with her.

  Zelda’s Rules

Zelda was groomed to lead the church of night sheep, but she started to feel the burden that comes with being a high priestess. She doesn’t fully have Sabrina as a supporter because she is too busy fighting to keep her throne so she appointed Prudence as a leader. Prudence earned her position rightfully so because she is such a boss naturally. She is actually a better leader and person than her father. In the previous season, we saw Prudence be unappreciated and overlooked by her father. I love how she has a new source of found confidence, it really makes her character shine. And one of the many reasons why I watch this show is because of her, she is so beautiful.

 The Trone For The Crown

Sabrina was still treated like a joke by the demons in hell, but she came back to display dominance one Prince Calaban threatened to take her throne. Even though Sabrina doesn’t really care about ruling hell, I think she is working hard to give it back to Lilith. Even after all Lilith has done to and for Sabrina, she is more fit to be a queen more than anyone. She has been a sidekick for far too long. If she does get the throne back, Sabrina can focus more on the problems she has with her father. Lucifer’s anger towards Sabrina and her coven caused him to place a curse over the academy’s student. Students became ill while Hilda read them her romantic novel. Zelda had to be a dream killer though.

Ambrose accompanied Sabrina on her quest to find the crown, which holds great power. This resulted in a corpse covered in maple syrup to rise from a tree and to go after Sabrina. Just imagine an old moldy pancake with eyes drenched in Syrup……thats the guy. The Maple Mummy raided the carnival and attacked Sabrina, but luckily Ambrose was there to save the day. The scene was messy as the drama between Sabrina and Calaban. Like a coward, he took the crown from Sabrina and made her look like an unfit ruler in front of the demons in hell. That didn’t last long because she punched the hell out of him! Sabrina will always make it known that she is to never be underestimated. She might not appear fearful, but she is fearless and no demon in hell will be able to kick her off of her throne if she keeps the attitude that she has.

Rating: 5/5

heavy is the crown



I loved this episode for a lot of reasons, one of my favorite highlight scenes had to be when Dr. Sea proposed to Hilda. I love her character and connection with Dr.Sea. Plus it well deserves considering Zelda’s disgusting marriage to Faustus Blackwood. Zelda was a bridezilla on steroids, I know that Hilda will bring a little bit more class to the Spellman name with her decision. It was unexpected, romantic, perfect, and most importantly everything that Zelda is not. Maybe that’s why she has so much hatred towards her sister.  Another scene that I really enjoyed was when Theo and Robin kissed on the Ferris wheel. I know it’s cliche and cheesy, but it’s Theo. I loved that a character who is apart of the LGBTQ+ community found a love connection. Plus Theo won’t feel so alone when he’s around Ros, Sabrina, and Harvey. At least until Theo finds out the truth about Robin.

The last scene that I enjoyed was when Nicolas Scratch became broken. It wasn’t pleasing to watch because he cheated on Sabrina, but because of the flames, she will build inside once she finds out. You think she’s a badass now? Wait until she finds out her warlock boyfriend has been partying it up with sex demons. When Nick attempted to amputate his foot, I felt like Sabrina shouldn’t have freed him. Whatever Lucifer did to him changed Nick enough to the point he will never be the same. He’s not Nick anymore which means he won’t be the loving and caring boyfriend to Sabrina he was once before. If Sabrina has the same powers as her father, I hope that she can get Nick back sane. I fear that this will be a big problem for her in the long run because he will seek vengeance.