In celebration of International Women’s Month, Hello Hero: Epic Battle released a new Supporter character just in time for this year’s grand event, Miss Armon 2020. Players who will join this prestigious event can get a chance to win up to 3000 Diamonds!

To join Miss Armon 2020, players must dress up their favorite female Hero with Costumes in the game. Then, they must submit their entry in the game’s Facebook post and state why they nominated that hero. HHEB players can also vote for other players’ comments by reacting to another player’s entry.

The most voted hero will be crowned as this year’s Miss Armon! One lucky player who voted for the winning Miss Armon 2020 will receive 3000 Diamonds while the other voters will get 1000 Diamonds each. The player with the most liked comment will also receive 1000 Diamonds.

Hello Hero: Epic Battle’s latest update introduces a new Hero. Gale, the newest Class SS Supporter in HHEB, specializes in healing her wounded allies in battle. Her basic abilities Antivirus, Bubble Pop, and Golden Time focus on healing and other health boosts. Meanwhile, her ultimate ability, Medical Support, summons a doppelganger to help her allies in battle! Update your game to patch version 4.1.1 now and add Gale to your team!

Hello Hero: Epic Battle’s newest hero, Gale, offered the players some precautionary health tips against COVID-19 on HHEB’s Facebook page. Gale advised HHEB players to wash their hands with soap and water, cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing, and avoid large crowds. Additionally, all players who will share and comment on the post will receive 1000 Stamina to keep their Heroes energized for more adventures!