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“Lucifer and Chloe investigate a murder during which a witness claims a winged guardian angel saved her life, causing Lucifer to become paranoid about his own actions. Meanwhile, Pierce and Chloe’s relationship takes an interesting turn and Lucifer discovers something that could change everything.” – Fox

The episode opens with a 911 call from a woman during a home invasion, one is already dead and she looks to be in danger until an angel shows up and scares the intruder away.

The dynamic duo plus Pierce are on the case. Unbeknownst to Lucifer Pierce and Deck just hooked up in the evidence closet. Kevin Winstead an ex drug addict is the victim. The homeowner would’ve been dead too if it weren’t for the angel. No real leads with this case either, just a guy he got into a fight with in rehab. That gentleman didn’t kill him he only got into a fight with him because Kevin was actually trying to get clean and get his family back. Kevin was making him and everyone else look bad.

Things with Decker and Pierce continue to heat up and I don’t like it he is up to no good. Pierce wants to meet Trixie but Decker isn’t ready, he still continues to be charming.

Lucifer thinking he might be the angel borrows Decker’s handcuffs to lock himself in while he sleeps. Lucifer wakes up uncuffed and cover in ash. Amenadiel comes in with a newspaper reading “Angel of San Bernardino Saves Family from Fire.” So, Lucifer may actually be the angel. Amenadiel thinks this is a punishment from God for revealing themselves to Charlotte. Lucy, on the other hand, thinks it’s just another kick in the nuts from God, more manipulation. Just to be sure Lucy needs to do some investigating.

Time to follow up on that family lead. Kevin’s got an illegitimate son so Decker and Lucifer question the baby momma. She was no help and neither was her husband. “Waste of time”- Lucifer & me

Thanks to Amenadiel and Lucifer revealing themselves to Charlotte she’s got a new outlook on life. She’s basically back to her old ways. Impulsive and super honest that it is mean but she does almost hook up with Dan. So way to go Dan. Amenadiel talks with Charlotte about her new outlook. She was acting the way she was because she thought she had get out of hell free card, she doesn’t.

Due to Lucifer’s fear of being the angel he has renounced sleeping. Instead of sleeping he does coke drinks energy drinks and does more drugs. He can’t be the angel if he is awake. It’s been a week and 12 seasons of Bones later but he is ready to get back on the Kevin case with Decker. Too bad he is confusing real life with Bones. Wait no he isn’t, the guy they are questioning is actually from an episode of Bones. Our perp is the best man at a wedding. He is an actor who people can hire to be their friends, he was previously hired to be Kevin’s friend and to keep him doing drugs. Masquerading is where he is hired through. Who ever hired him probably killed Kevin. Lucy is ready to pounce on Masquerading but it’s night and they’re closed. Lucifer has a breakdown, he needs to keep investigating or else he might sleeps. During his breakdown he tells Decker everything, including Pierce being Cain. Of course she doesn’t believe him and leaves in anger.

Trixie meets Pierce. Maze calls Decker to try and cleat the air. She sounds an awful lot like Pierce and Decker even almost catches on to it. Pierce and Maze have teamed up. She is going to kill Pierce dead. Maze is doing it to hurt Decker and Pierce just doesn’t care if he hurts here.

Kevin’s baby momma’s husband is an actor from Masquerade. Lucy beat Decker to him. He was hired to be the husband until she actually feel in love with him. Essentially he stole Kevin’s family, Kevin tried to get it back and he killed him. None of this is what Lucifer cared about though. Was there an angel there when he killed Kevin? The answer no the woman show the reflecting of her angel statue. Lucifer leaves and Decker shows up for the confession.

There was never an angel Pierce and Maze set Lucifer up. Lucy doesn’t realize Maze is involved and he confides in her. When he realizes she seems to care, he knows she’s in on it. It was her idea. Lucifer distraught leaves for Decker’s. Pierce is with Decker and she is about to tell him she loves him but he bails. I guess he can’t actually go through with hurting her. Leaving like that hurt her and Lucy she’s her all sad and goes after Pierce. Lucy puts the beat down on him. Pierce thinks he deserves, he didn’t want to hurt Decker. He just needed her to say I love you so he could die.

The episode ends with Lucifer discovering the mark is gone.

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