Do you love Scooby-Doo? He is my favorite cartoon character and has been since I was a child. Do you know a lot about Scooby and his series? I think I put together a pretty good quiz with questions to test your knowledge. This is multiple-choice, so there are three possible answers for each question. You get to pick your answer and check it at the end of the quiz. So let’s get into it!

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1. What is the name of the original Scooby-Doo series?

Scooby-Doo Movies Scooby-Doo Where Are You? The Scooby-Doo Show

2. What kind of dog is Scooby?

Great Dane Dalmation Greyhound

3. Scooby got his name from what Frank Sinatra song?

My Way That’s Life Strangers In The Night

4. How many Scooby cartoons are there?

10 15 13

5. Don Messick was the voice actor for Scooby and Scrappy. What other popular cartoon character did he voice?

Papa Smurf Fred Flintstone Porky Pig

6. Scooby is a triplet. What are his identical brothers’ names?

Howdy-Doo and Yabba-Doo Scooby-Dum and Horton-Doo Skippy-Doo and Dooby-Doo

7. Who is Scrappy-Doo’s mother?

Ruby-Doo Dixie-Doo Scooby-Dee

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8 Where do Scooby and the gang live?

Caramel-By-The-Sea Crystal Cove Niantic

9 In Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, what caused problems in Shaggy and Velma’s relationship?

Shaggy’s tight bond with Scooby Shaggy’s constant eating Shaggy’s clothes

10 Finally, what year did Scooby-Doo Where Are You? premier?

1968 1969 1970

How do you think you did? Here are the answers:

1. Scooby-Doo Where Are You?

2. Great Dane

3. Strangers In The Night

4. 13

5. Papa Smurf

Source-SyFy Wire, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros

6. Skippy-Doo and Dooby-Doo

7. Ruby-Doo, Scooby’s sister

8. Crystal Cove

9. Shaggy’s tight bond with Scooby

10. 1969

So how did you do? Did you have fun? I think the one I didn’t know was that Don Messick voiced Papa Smurf. Oh yeah, I forgot. I was surprised about the triplet thing. I knew Scooby has siblings, but I didn’t know he was a triplet. For more about Scooby-Doo, you can check out Let’s Get To Know Scooby And The Gang and My Top 5 Scooby-Doo and Mystery Inc. Cases. Please let me know how you did in the comments below. I hope you had fun! Until next time.