Author: Jorge Ramos

The current stage of the video game industry lets us think that indie games are on the way up, many of them accomplishing great numbers in every device, from consoles, all the way through Pc, and even mobile gaming. 

So, we turned around to see what repercussions the new titles presented during PAX EAST 2020 in the indie category had in general.


A beautiful game as the trailer clearly showed that it will be a trip through the land of unwanted tears and joyful playthrough. This lovely project was announced back in June 2019 in the Thunder Lotus Games’ Blog, described accurately I must say by the company’s communication Specialist as a “Cozy Management Game about dying.”

According to Gamerant the game took inspiration from Greek mythology, Charon. We play as Stella, “The Ferrymaster of the deceased”, our mission is to build a ship big enough for the animal spirits of the deceased, befriending them, helping them to get one last thing sorted, and taking them to the afterlife. 

Spiritfarer will be available for PC, PS4, XBOX, and SWITCH, the date is yet to be announced.


This insanely fun and arcade looking game is one way to get you just attached to your pc for a large amount of time with such cool aesthetics. The goal is to survive, with saws just attacking you from every conceivable direction at different speeds and even morphing or exploding into many smaller saws, not only that, the rooms are locked and the only way to open them is by completing different challenges.

The simple design and the multiple layers you find through the gameplay make it progressively more and more interesting in a game, that by the way will only be available on PC as far as we can tell. The number of challenges and levels and the variety of such is described and applauded by the staff of both Dualshockers and The Verge.


This’s got to be by far the most unexpected pitch for a videogame, but that does not take away how much fun it seems to be. Boyfriend Dungeon is a role-playing dungeon crawler, fused with a dating simulator, a game that leaves no one indifferent. The name calls your attention and the proposal will do as well.

Basically, you will go through levels using different weapons, which will turn into humans that you can date, and the deeper and better your relationship with the weapon gets, the more abilities and skills will be available for you to use.

The game developed by Kitfox will be available for PC, Nintendo SWITCH and Mac sometime in 2020.


There has been an incredible number of attempts to reach and make Video games illustrated like a comic book, but this is a promising one. The Liberated seems to take place in a futuristic semi-dystopian society where the tech companies are running the world in a Police state, helped by all the devices available, from traffic lights, security cameras to drones.

You’ll be part of a semi-revolutionary group against said government.  Gamerant noted the game saying “… Billed as a ´playable graphic novel, ´ Liberated is a game that plays out like the pages of a noir story, with cutscenes unfolding as if they are panels in a comic book.”

The game, although it has a combat mechanic, allowing you to use firearms to fight off the drones, has a scent of influence from the famous Inside, with the side-scrolling movement. On top of that takes an interesting turn as it has moments that require stealth and clever and quick responses to multiple quizzes, like if you were trying to guess the future NBA betting odds.

Liberated is set to be released from April to June of 2020 for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

If you saw other games that you thought were interesting, let us know!