Gore and Gaming Collide in”Killer”

Have a hack-and-slashing good time in "Killer"!

Nothing says fall quite like the turning of leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and serial killers. If you’re anything like me, you probably love a good slasher flick but sometimes yearn for more. If this sounds like you, “Killer” should be the next game on your video game hit list. Be warned, this game isn’t for the faint of heart, if you’re not interested in the grueling details please click on out of here.

"Killer" animated drawing
Source: Paul Phoenix and Killer Team

Throughout time, society has dreamt up ghost stories to horrify the masses. Each town has one, my hometown spoke of a park swing that is haunted by a young girl, doomed to swing for the rest of her life. However, what if some of those tales sprung to life? In “Killer” the Hook Man, Clown, Farmer, and Mountain Man all take center stage to slay their victims. Similar to the Friday the 13th video game, players play as the masked murderers.

killer animated map
Source: Paul Phoenix and Killer Team

“Killer” is a hack-and-slash horror video game that allows players to manipulate their environment to achieve their goals and avoid detection. One must find special items that help the players truly understand their character’s intentions the maps will be unique for each of the baddies and as one forges on, the levels get more challenging and dangerous. This combined with the cinematic beauty allows players to feel like they are inside some of their favorite horror movies.

killer dead end
Source: Paul Phoenix and Killer Team

These days, it’s hard to find video games that utilize multiplayer efficiently. In “Killer” multiplayer comes in three waves including 9 VS 1, the hero, and hysteria. 9 VS 1 is a free-for-all frenzy that allows nine individuals to run away, or attack, the madman. Traps are essential and the only way to stop the bad guy. However, don’t be forlorn, even if one doesn’t escape the clutches of the serial killer, they still receive points for the work they put into the level. In the hero, one must quickly get in touch with the police and save all of the civilians that are playing. Finally, in hysteria fear is your foe. Each player has different area of the map that scares them, this can lead to a complete melt down leaving players unable to build traps or run. Items such as torches or a tasty chocolate bar, can bring players back to reality and allow them to take on the bad guy once again.

cinematic design killer
Source: Paul Phoenix and Killer Team

The biggest perk of playing “Killer” will definitely be how cinematic it is. Being shot at Pinewood Studios is no laughing matter and I for one am excited to see how “Killer” will turn out. Per the Kickstarter it appears “Killer” will be available for download December of 2019. Until then, I’ll have to enjoy the turning of the leaves and pumpkin spice latte sans “Killer”.





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