Whether you’re a full-time professional gamer, someone who wants to start earning some money from this area, or just enjoy gaming as a passion and hobby, it’s nice to keep up with all the latest trends in this area. 

There are always new developments worth knowing about, and 2022 is no different. Read on for some of the top gaming trends for this year.

Cloud Gaming

We all know how big cloud computing has become over the last five to ten years, but it has taken the gaming industry a little while to catch up in this regard. However, more and more gaming is turning cloud-based and offers gamers many benefits. It provides many of the same helpful factors as standard online gaming, such as access to a wide range of products to try out, but it also bypasses some of the downsides that have come up with online offerings in the past. 

For example, you don’t have to stress over running out of storage space or having a considerable download time with cloud gaming. You can breathe easy about your hardware options since, with cloud-based gaming, you’re not relying on gadgets to limit performance problems. You can also enjoy all the latest games by streaming them, often for a low monthly access fee to a gaming platform, rather than having to buy and download every new item you want to play. 

One of the biggest benefits of cloud gaming, though, is that your security is less at risk. You’re less likely to end up with viruses or other malware on your computer because you’re not downloading programs that could be laden with it. 

Use of Supplements for Gamers

Gamers spend hours at a time sitting in one spot, staring at a screen. In turn, many don’t get the movement, nutrition, or hydration their bodies need. A growing trend in 2022 is for gamers to utilize a lot more supplements to stay healthier and help their minds remain clear and focused. 

Increasing numbers of companies are coming out with supplements designed specifically for gamers. Products promise to deliver boosts such as a sustained energy shot, more endurance, concentration, manual dexterity, and reaction times, plus improved moods and accuracy levels. 

Remakes and Reboots

Another trend making its presence known in 2022 is the gaming industry turning to already created content for new game concepts. There are many remakes and reboots releasing and in the works as developers look for fun, fresh ways to revitalize classic games and hone in on the interest in nostalgia lately. 

For instance, some of the bestselling games in the last couple of years have been reboots of Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy VII, and Resident Evil 2 and 3. Other newer releases include remastered versions of Command & Conquer and Nintendo’s Xenoblade Chronicles

Focus on Diversity and Inclusivity in Game Production

In the last few years, socially and culturally, there has been much more talk and progress made (though slowly) regarding inclusivity, diversity, and representation in many different areas. While there’s still a very long way to go in this respect, at least some changes are occurring. This is being seen in the gaming production arena, too. Finally, companies are looking for ways to have better representation in games for all people. 

In the past, most big franchises have been based on white, straight, male, cisgender, physically able characters. If there have been characters who fall outside these boxes, they’ve usually been the occasional token character, and that’s it. Now, though, a broader range of characters is being included in games. More representation is happening within companies, too, as firms focus on making sure their teams also include more female or non-binary developers, as well as employees who are not necessarily white, straight, or non-disabled. 


A new term that many people have heard being thrown around a lot lately in the world of tech and business and beyond is the “metaverse.” Facebook, Microsoft, and other tech giants have shared plans to create immersive online worlds for work and leisure. However, gamers have already been congregating in virtual universes for years in all sorts of entertaining formats. 

In 2022, the gaming industry is set to ramp things up further. In-game worlds are expanding to encompass additional creative forms. For instance, Roblox features branded marketing popups while Fortnight has been adding interactive music concerts. Many of the big games and franchises are looking at ways to turn themselves into more comprehensive platforms where a wider range of user experiences can happen. 

Some other trends to watch include more use of virtual reality and augmented reality, not to mention blockchain. Many TV shows and films are adding gaming components, too, while esports is seeing continued growth and validation beyond just the typical highly-invested gaming community. Also, developers are coming out with more puzzle-based games in 2022. If you’re an avid gamer or even a beginner, it can be fun to stay up to date on trends and look for ways to test them in your own life or learn more about them.