Update 11/1/2020 – As of July 8th, 2020, News 4 Nashville reported that the SBA released Paycheck Protection Program loan data. It clearly showed James Frazier was approved for a PPP loan between $150,000 and $350,000 and has 17 employees working for him.

“I was very troubled. Because we know that this is an organization that has not upheld it’s commitment to its customers. I question the number of employees that he states that he has for this loan . Just based on the interactions that we’ve had with him,” Robyn Housholder, President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Middle Tennessee said.

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We are back with more updates on the Fan Fest/Walker Stalker drama. If you haven’t been keeping up with our content, you can read about their rocky start in 2020 and how London was canceled abruptly right here on The Game of Nerds. When we published both those articles we were bombarded with people emailing and messaging us with their stories of how they were screwed over or the lengths that they have gone to get their money back. Frankly, it makes us really upset to see this many fans screwed out of their hard-earned money. But it looks like the final nail in the Fan Fest Events and Walker Stalker coffin has been hammered in. The Tennessee Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against Walker Stalker, LCC owner, James Frazier on February 18th, 2020. The suit states, ” Unlike their Portland and Phoenix counterparts, Nashville consumers and vendors did not even receive an email informing them of Defendants’ unilateral and last-minute decision to cancel the event. Many ticket holders and vendors traveled to the event site, only to discover the cancellation on the day of the event.” The lawsuit goes on to say that Walker Stalker engaged in unfair, deceptive or misleading acts by refusing to refund consumers the money they were owed in multiple cities.

James Fraizer is the sole owner of Walker Stalker LLC which controlled Fan Fest Events, Walker Stalker, and Heroes and Villains Conventions. As the convention started to run into trouble, James Frazier decided to step down in October 2019 via a Facebook post on the company page. Michael DeVault, the spokesperson from Walker Stalkers stepped in as CEO the following day but only managed to last a week before resigning at the beginning of November. On November 4th, James Frazier regained control of Walker Stalker LLC and began selling tickets once again for events they weren’t sure were going to actually happen. The suit claims that James was in full control of the companies finances and owes at least $1,655,844 to various creditors, not including consumers, vendors, actors, and tax liens. As reported before, multiple actors and celebrities had bounced checks after the Atlanta convention and are out serious money as well. At this time the Better Business Bureau states that they have over 150 complaints about the company in the past three years and urges consumers not to do business with this company AT ALL.

Oh, folks, it gets deeper. According to a post done by British publication Newham Recorder, James Frazier OWES people a ton of money. In December of 2018,  James Frazier’s UK-based company, Walker Stalkers Limited, went into liquidation owing £410,000 to HMRC in tax. The US Internal Revenue Service filed a federal tax lien, effectively freezing all his assets, against Walker Stalker LLC in May 2019 for $51,559 in unpaid taxes. Two more tax liens had also been given to Mr. Frazier in 2015 and 2019 for $594,467 and $79,385 owed in unpaid taxes. His million-dollar home in Thompsons Station, Tennesee where all companies are listed out of is up for auction due to non-payment. To add more insult to injury, in January 2020 James was suspended from practicing as an attorney by the Supreme Court of Tennessee’s Board of Professional Responsibility. As of today, both The Walker Stalker and Fan Fest Events webpages are “done for maintenance.”  The Facebook page hasn’t been posted on AT ALL since they announced London’s cancellation. It is now being called the Fyre Festival of Conventions. In our research of the company through the Tennessee government, TGON has found that in August 2019, James tried to dissolve the company completely, but by the end of September was asking to be reinstated. It was at this time that the address of the business was changed to the address of the house that is now in foreclosure. James also went on to try and change the name to Fan Fest LLC, but in February 2020 the name change request was canceled. It does not say who canceled it, but we wonder if this was an attempt by Mr. Frazier to stay in business under a new name. Frankly, it will very interesting to see how this all plays out for Mr. Frazier but it’s safe to say that Walker Stalker Con and Fan Fest is officially DEAD.

Many of you have asked us, how do I get my money back? For a good chunk of people, the answer is sad. Unfortunately, you won’t be getting your money back.  Most people are past the deadline to fight the charges since some tickets were purchased over a year ago. Right now, Fan Fest Events wants you to email them about returns. But as we have seen in the past, those emails never get answered and I’m sure they are collecting dust in some internet box. Some fans have been successful in going back to their credit card company, bank, or Paypal to fight that they never received what they paid for. The quicker you start the process the better. There are also some conventions who have offered to give free or half off their tickets for anyone who was scammed by Fan Fest or Walker Stalker Con. The best thing all fans can do is go to the FTC complaint page and file a complaint against James Frazier and/or Walker Stalker LLC. International complaints can be filed here through consumer.gov. These forms will take you five minutes tops to fill out. By registering your complaints, James Frazier can be investigated and possibly criminally charged for taking fan’s money. As always if you have a story or have advice for fans who have been hurt in this situation, we would love to hear it. We will continue to keep the fans updated on this situation.