Source: BBC Doctor Who

Did the season nine opener of Doctor Who live up to the hype?

The Magician Apprentice opened on a dark and gloomy note which was something I don’t think most of us where expecting. I think it was a bit of foreshadowing as the ep is followed by the return of Missy and the Dalek. I was a bit worried of how Missy would be handle in this ep. However Michelle Gomez reminded us why we loved her as Missy last season. As well working well off Jenna Coleman performance as Clara.

I really enjoyed the nods and revisiting of old  elements of Doctor Who’s past. Some of my  favorite things was the use of UNIT and The sisterhood which brought me back to the “Night of The Doctor”. Yet they are quickly outshine by the return of a classic villain, Darvos.

Darvos is such a great villain and I was happy they brought him back in a manner that didnt seem forced and had us guessing. Darvos is such a great character and very much engraved into the Doctor’s past that it made sense to have him open the season. Its gonna be very interesting to see how The Doctor might rewrite his own history with an encounter of a young Darvos.