So I did a little digging, or at least I tried too. Not sure what is going on with 9-1-1 since Lonestar came out. Maybe they are waiting for Lonestar to pick up some momentum before starting season 4. However, in the past, the entire season of 9-1-1 is just 10 episodes long. But if you check online, S3 E10 states fall finale. As you may have noticed we haven’t gotten anything new for 9-1-1 Los Angeles, but they have started 9-1-1 Lonestar. Unfortunately, the only information that I was able to find is that it is not canceled, and it is renewed for season 4.

Now, remember, the season ended with Michael finding out he has a tumor and sharing the news with Bobby and only Bobby. This was after he was behaving strangely and ending up in Bobby and Athena’s bed, with Athena still in it. Now, they handled the situation with grace and a bit of shock. Athena is worried about Michael. Other information that Athena doesn’t know because Bobby has become Michael’s confidant, is that Michael and the man he left Athena for have broken up, and she still does not know. If you’re like me, I fully believed it would have been Bobby being sick since he was exposed to toxic chemicals, but he ends up being just fine.

Fox, just left us hanging like that, mad Maddie losing her marbles, Buck is back on the force after trying to sue, and Michael is quite possibly dying. And what does Fox do? Start a whole new show and I can only assume that 9-1-1 is on hiatus because of it. After much digging and much to my chagrin I found out that it could possibly be back by the end of March, but don’t quote me on that, because I did a google search. LOL! So see yall in March, hopefully, so we can find out how they will handle Michael’s tumor situation.