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As predicted from the end of last week’s episode, 2×15, found Walter making some very…ahem…stupid decisions involving his social and romantic interactions. Ok, well, maybe stupid isn’t quite fair. He was really just trying to put himself out there and practice in social situations, so that should he ever engage in the relationship he really desires — the one with Paige of course! So, while a lot of people were pretty angry at Walter’s choice to go on a date with another girl, we also must realize that this is all in good fun and it’s just the writers messing with us. Waige is endgame anyways. All that being said, his decision is pretty mislead, and ultimately his adorable little date has to pay the price.

Let’s back up. Walter’s speed dating round came out, as you’d expect, unsuccessful. But he did land himself a date with the girl who was running the speed dating session, Linda. The episode opens with a hilarious attempt at a first date, and it proves that neither of them are very good at it. As we all know, Walter isn’t so good at being personable or warm and engaging. Even with Toby in his ear for the first half, Walter still really struggled. Though, come on, should Walter really be looking to Toby for advice about first dates? That was a joke, don’t take offense to that Quintis fans! I am one of you! Anyways, the next morning in the garage, he tells the others that he thought the date went well. It’s no surprise that no body is convinced. Paige notices that Linda posted about the date on Facebook saying that it had been an “interesting experience”…

Meanwhile, Toby is training with Sylvester for his audition round of Jeopardy, and the whole scene is adorable and hilarious. Paige asks why Sylvester is going on Jeopardy anyways, and Sly tells her that it’s screen practice before he goes on the show he really wants to be on, The Price Is Right. He goes to tell her that if he can raise enough money on The Price Is Right, he could buy the naming rights to the pediatric care ward in the hospital Megan spent the end of her life in and name it after her: The Megan Dodd Pediatric Care Ward. This is probably one of the sweetest and most touching tributes to a deceased character I’ve ever seen.

The case this week was to assist NASA in fixing an error on a rocket before it’s big launch, but the task becomes complicated when in the middle of it, Walter’s date appears at the garage with a bomb strapped to her chest and an anonymous message saying that Team Scorpion must sabotage the rocket launch or Linda will be killed. Yikes…

Cabe, Sly, and Happy arrive at the NASA facility, and who should they run into but their horrible former boss, Merrick, who now works for NASA. Walter tells them that they need to sabotage the rocket launch but they can’t be detected, so Happy determines that the safest option would be to tamper with the rocket fuel, but this turns out to be not so easy when Merrick decides he’ll oversee their work and make sure they all do as they’re supposed to.

Back at the garage, Walter concedes that there is no way to remove the vest without detonating the bomb, and he shuts Linda in a plexiglass box just in case. He promises her he’ll save her, and she admits that she was terrified to die alone so she took a chance and went on a date with him and ironically that was what would end up getting her killed. She yells at him and says that he’s a weird guy with a weird job and he has no idea how humans work. Please, tell us something we don’t know. Walter says that yelling and similar tactics have “no effect” on him, but he looked on the verge of tears to me.

So Sly has to distract Merrick while Happy tampers with the fuel, and Toby and Walter work to figure out who sent the message. The anonymous source has video eyes on them everywhere, so they couldn’t call in the bomb squad or they’d detonate the bomb. While working to find the bomber, they trip a failsafe on the vest and the bomb immediately begins a countdown. With no time to find the bomber and deactivate it, Walter determines that he has to let the bomb go off, but perhaps he could lower the impact enough to save her. Walter, I have no idea how you plan to do that considering the bomb is attached to her, but hey, you’re the genius here. As it turns out, they made a gel solution that would decrease the impact of the bomb.

Meanwhile, back at the NASA station, the team discovers that the rocket will have people on board, and this was kept under wraps because NASA isn’t supposed to be sending people into space anymore. If they sabotage the rocket, they’ll kill the 3 astronauts on board, but if they don’t, the bomber will kill Linda. Sounds like quite the predicament. Luckily, Team Scorpion is able to track the bomber back to none other than MERRICK! After losing his Homeland job, Merrick was in very serious debt, and the only way to make up the money was engage in some pretty illegal (and evil) acts. Merrick and Cabe get into a crazy fight, and Merrick ends up flying over the railing and plummeting to the concrete, and to his death.

Ya I was pretty shocked that Merrick actually died. He was only brought back for one episode, and they killed him that episode.

Anyways, Walter’s gel concoction miraculously works, even though he was in the blast zone when the bomb went off. Both Walter and Linda were fine, and afterwards Walter actually asked her out again. She said no this time, and when Paige could tell that Walter was upset, her and Ralph spent the evening with him in the garage. It was a very touching Waige moment and I was happy there wasn’t too much tension between them.

While this episode was alright, I honestly cannot wait for the next episode, which is the Valentine’s Day episode. We are sure to get plenty of Waige and Quintis moments!