Hello, a bit behind in my posts, I am terribly sorry about that. Unexpected life happened in the form of bill paying jobs asking you to go across the state for work in 24 hours. Pesky hurricanes affecting Florida. Anyways, back at home and hoping to catch up on all the episodes I’ve missed with the time off I’ve earned! Let’s go ahead and dive right into The Good Doctor.

gd 2.3.4

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

It seems Dr. Andrews is trying out a new Flex Shift Policy, having some shifts run on for 36 hours. Claire isn’t a big fan and decides to approach Andrews, bringing evidence that it might not be as useful as he thinks. Sadly, Andrews seems quite passionate about his choice, since he did a lot of research himself, and it is supported by the ACGME (Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education). Claire is a bit flustered when she enters the surgery of a young woman. Melendez listens as Claire speaks, but doesn’t seem supportive in her decision, though not against it. It seems he is more focused on removing the liaisons from the woman’s uterus so she might be able to bear children, her dream. At one point, Melendez asks Claire to scrub out and talk with the patient’s husband and explain that there are more liaisons than expected, the surgery will run long. She is defensive but is told she has a better skill at talking to anxious relatives. Melendez makes a comment about what her problem was when a Nurse asks if he was even listening to Claire at all. I think this might be the first surgery the nurses have had with Melendez and Claire as their interaction seems like usual, but the nurses seem a bit.. apprehensive.

gd 2.3.3

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Nurse Flores is excessively opinionated, as Melendez lets Claire take lead when she returns. Flores thinks its interesting Dr. Browne only had a chance after she apologized about her earlier defensiveness. Really, though, Claire has been talking with the patient’s husband and kinda clearing her head. I think Melendez had the best intentions when he sent Claire, and even the husband commented on her skills with talking to the patient’s family. The nurses don’t see that and when Melendez tells her to scrub out, she ignores him. But, he can’t focus on drama as they still have surgery going on. It seems every liaison they remove, 2 more appear. The surgery runs longer than planned. Park goes to talk to the husband while Melendez talks with Claire and Nurse Flores. It’s obvious after 12 hours everyone is snapping, and there are a lot of misunderstandings. Luckily Andrews overhears and snaps them back to the main issue- a patient on the table. Claire goes to talk with the husband again because of complications. He asks Claire what he should do, giving her medical choice on what happens to his wife. She knows the patient wants to have children, but in the end, Claire says they should remove the uterus so the patient can live a healthy life. I think Nurse Flores realizes how much respect Melendez has in Claire and he takes her choice and rolls with it. Andrews talks with the 3 afterwards, Melendez stating it was the 26-hour surgery that caused the confrontation, and he has the most respect. Flores speaks up, saying the same for Melendez and how he takes every member’s opinion into consideration. Looks like Melendez won the Nurses over.

gd 2.3.2

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Shaun and Morgan work a 36-hour shift in ER while Dr. Lim is on call. It turns out she has a minor moving violation and was in court. Shaun ends up calling her because his patient has a light bulb in his mouth and Shaun isn’t sure how to remove it. Because of the phone call, she has to take a moment away from her hearing and her case is thrown in the back burner. The judge makes her wait, ends up not hearing her case and judged her guilty. Because Lim is a bit of a hot head, why I love her, she ends up being thrown in jail for contempt of court for 9 hours. Shaun realizes after a few misdiagnoses the patient might have an epidural abscess. Luckily, Lim was just released, and was spending some quality time with the defense attorney she met during her case, and rushes over to remove the abscess.

Shaun is ignoring Lea after telling her to leave and return to Hershey. Claire tells Shaun you can’t just tell someone his opinion and not listen to hers. Morgan tries to explain Lea and Claire don’t really respect Shaun as a man, only pity. I gotta side with Claire on this one. Lea is waiting outside the hospital and blows up on Shaun, pointing out friendship was a two-lane street and she was upset at how he treated their friendship even though she has been a great friend to Shaun. I love how Morgan walks by and mentions how Lea really views  Shaun as a real man, or she wouldn’t have blown up that way.

gd 2.3.1

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Aaron Glassman wakes up from his brain surgery as Shaun greets him. But it seems not everything is perfect with Glassman. He has issues falling asleep and hears his daughter calling him. In case you forgot, his daughter passed away from a drug overdose when she was still a teenager. In the end, she physically pops in, mentioned how Dr. Glassman is tired but isn’t dead. I am worried that this is a form of foreshadowing… if Aaron dies….

Well, that is all for now. I am sorry we are running a little behind, hope to catch up on all the review and be back to posting only one week behind sooner rather than later. Do you think they are gonna kill off Dr. Glassman? Comment your thoughts below, and until next time, Stay Shiny!