Everyone is Going to be Talking About Tolkien About It!

Are you a Lord of the Rings fan? In need of a fresh perspective on the LotR world? We may have brand new podcast perfectly tailored to you!

Tolkien About It
Comic Canary

Tolkien About It is hosted by two huge nerds, Evelyn and Robert, who just can’t contain their discussions and opinions anymore. So, they’ve started up a podcast to share what they call “a deep dive into the world Tolkien created.” The two aim to “[discuss] the Lord of the Rings and beyond” in-depth to share their theories, opinions, and stories, but more importantly, they want to start a conversation with their listeners. 

This podcast could be a jumping point for some new thoughts on Tolkien’s work. And you could be missing out if you don’t give it a shot! “Tolkien About It” is available to listen on Spotify

You can follow all the news about Evelyn and Robert on Facebook and Twitter. (And don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter while you’re at it!)

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