In the eighty-fifth episode of the T-Hud Popcast, I, Shannon Parola, Founder of The Game of Nerds, return for the fifth time as a co-host. It is always a pleasure to be a part of this amazing podcast and to engage with the boys. It’s crazy to think we’ve been friends now for over five years and I’m still President of the I Love Leland Fan Club. I am eagerly awaiting my SNL-inspired jacket to commemorate this momentous occasion, so guys get on it! 😉

During the show, we engage in plenty of pre-banter about Leland’s godhood and banter about Pez Outlaws. If you haven’t seen this Netflix documentary, you meet the guy who is responsible for the fine print, “one per household”. We also discuss a variety of topics, including The Last of Us TV show, which I’m currently enjoying a lot, a game called Disco Elysium, and the recently announced King of the Hill revival. The King of the Hill revival was news to me and something I’mprettying forward to seeing. I must say that I was quite surprised that the boys weexcellentans of That 90’s Show, as I found it to be amazing. I am a huge fan of That 70’s show when it originally aired.

In a hybrid segment, we delve into the impact of the resurgence of popularity for songs prominently heard in popular TV shows and movies. This is a topic that has been on Moby’s for a while now, and I am glad that we were able to discuss it on the show. We share some of our favorite soundtracks that inspired this discussion, including Stranger Things and Guardians of the Galaxy. We all agree that a good movie has a great soundtrack, and these soundTheongs often tie us to a moment intime. I think the best example we came up with is, “You here My Heart Will Go On, and you know it’s Titanic. There is nothing else,” or Moby’s thoughts behind “Danger Zone” for Top Gun.

In the Video Game Variety Show segment, we explore the flip side of turning video games into movies and turning movies into video games. We delve into how this process can work and some of the challenges that come with it. This is a topic that I find fascinating, and I am glad that we were able to have a good discussion about it. The boys are skeptical about this new Super Mario Bros movie coming out soon, but I’m actually really excited to see it with my daughter. I truly believe that this is the Mario movie we will remember, not the horrible 80’s monstrosity.

Overall, this episode of the T-Hud Popcast is not to be missed! Join us for plenty of laughs, engaging discussions, and a great time. My daughter Marvel even managed to barge in mid-podcast to talk to everyone. It was a delightful surprise and added even more fun to the episode. If you like the T-Hud Popcast, you probably would also love Lelands other podcast The Incorrigible Party. I’m hoping to do an episode with Leland and his DND crew soon!