Arrow is back tonight and the CW has been doing nothing but teasing us with new content.

This past month the CW pumped out two new trailers, two new featurettes and an action packed sizzle reel.

The Trailers

The Featurettes 

The Sizzle Reel

After watching all of that I’ve been able to deduce a few things about this season:

  • Season 6 is going to be action packed
  • Black Siren is back
  • Slade is also back and will play a big role
  • Flashbacks are not 100% gone
  • There is going to be a team of villains
  • No more secret identity for Oliver

On top of the trailers and featurettes, the CW has also delivered a new tagline, season poster and a poster for the crossover.


Photo Source: The CW via twitter


Photo Source: The CW via twitter

This Season looks like it is on par to be one of the best. Don’t forget Arrow has a new day and time, Thursdays at 9pm.

If you need a bigger Arrow fix, I covered the SDCC panel here.

Catch the Arrow premiere tonight at 9pm on the CW