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Episode Synopsis:

It’s time for Cece to move into the loft. While Jess is helping her friend move out of her beloved apartment, she has to finish the school’s budget by morning, which the new principal has neglected to tell her. Meanwhile, Winston gets a new partner to avoid having to work side-by-side with Aly.

The Gang:

Jess & Cece– We see in the the beginning of the episode, that Jess has a new boss. But this boss is completely stressing her out, because she makes her do everything. She heads over to Cece’s apartment to help her pack and celebrate the fact that she’s moving out and moving into the loft with the gang for good. When we see that Cece has a hard time deciding what should be packed, and what should be thrown away, she reveals to Jess that she’s freaking out. She’s freaking out because there’s so much change going on with moving out of her apartment and marrying Schmidt. I like that they added this into the storyline, because it’s a real relatable thing people go through. Change is hard. And especially if you’re going to be starting a life with someone, it will take time to acclimate. Also, it was fun to see all the flashbacks from Cece and Jess’s early days in LA. We saw flashbacks to Cece and Jess walking into her apartment for the first time, Jess rushing over to Cece’s apartment to tell her about how excited she was to start her first day of teaching, and the girls looking at listings for apartments for Jess, which happened to be apartment 4d. Since Cece was freaking out and since Jess was stressed about her school work load, she tricks Cece into going into the hallway and decides to take matters into her own hands. She ends up packing everything up for Cece, but misplaces an important binder, which Jess’s new boss calls her to ask about. Cece tells Jess that she should quit her job because it’s driving her crazy, so when Jess’s boss calls again, Cece answers the phone and tells her that Jess quits. Jess can’t believe what Cece just did, but later the next day at school, Jess realizes that yes, she should quit. Also, when Cece wakes up, Schmidt is there to comfort her about their situation and it makes for a cute moment between the couple. At the end of the episode, Cece reminisces about her apartment and we get one more great flashback, where we see the first time she met Nadia. That was a shocker.

Nick, Schmidt & Winston- We find out that Winston has a new partner at the police station because he couldn’t stand hearing about Aly’s boyfriend all the time. His new partner is named Dunston, and let’s just say he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. At the bar, an incident keeps on happening, where a flasher comes in and flashes Nick and Schmidt. Schmidt immediately calls Winston, and makes him come over to investigate the problem. While Winston and his partner are there, Aly and her partner come in as well, and it gets pretty awkward between the two. Of course things go wrong when Winston and Dunston try to work together because they try to do the same job at the same time and nothing gets done as a result. When the flasher reappears, they both pull out their handcuffs and while they fight about who will arrest the flasher, he escapes. Thankfully, Aly ends up catching the guy and Winston and her talk. She asks him why he wanted to change partners, and instead of Winston telling her the truth, he just says that he was mad that she made fun of his Pure Moods cd. She agrees to change her ways, but you could tell Winston really wanted to tell Aly the truth instead. I wish they would of had a better conversation about it. They make up and return to being partners again.

This episode had some great flashback moments, and some nice couple-y moments, but it wasn’t the greatest episode in the world. I had a few laughs here and there, but I don’t think that much was furthered in the episode. We’ve seen Cece at the loft all the time this season so far anyways, but I guess Jess quitting her job has potential for some future story lines. It’ll be like when she was laid off in Season 2.


3/5 glasses rating