What’s going on with the Robinson’s now? Well as you know they have been stranded on this unknown planet due to an alien attack on their ship. They have had a few trials and tribulations and scares but have managed to survive and find other families from the resolute. But just when they think that everything is gonna be ok, they are hit with another potential life-threatening disaster. Well, it wouldn’t be the Robinson’s if they were facing some type of danger. But this is dangerous on a whole new level, planetary danger. But for now, they are keeping it to themselves but unfortunately, Penny overheard her mother. And information like that is hard to keep to oneself.

So, for now, let’s discuss the imminent danger of the robot. Who has been helpful ever since Will saved him? But Angela is against it 100%, and the rest of the people want to use it to their benefit. Angela doesn’t agree at all and June sees a way to help herself by planting discontent further into Angela’s head. The settlers agree that the robot could be useful but Angela only sees death and has a heart full of revenge. They haven’t decided if the robot can stay but after hearing the truth everyone is uneasy with the robot and Maureen and John try and get a handle on that. John then tries to get Will to understand the importance of life and the responsibility of keeping the robot.

Don West overhears about the fuel situation and you can literally see the wheels turning in his head. We know he is a hustler, found that out when they were looking for spare parts and found whiskey that Don had been smuggling across the universe. In the meantime, the robot gets to stay but there are some conditions that John has to teach Will for the robot to stay. Anyways, Don West knows that the resolute he was in still contains fuel and they crashed on the desert. So he strikes up a deal to get money for the fuel. And ends up dragging Judy along with him.

Angela, who is injured but healing and doesn’t want the robot anywhere near her, has just found the answer to her problems. The gun that was secretly printed somehow ends up out in the forest, courtesy of a certain doctor. She thinks it can protect her from the robot but she is sadly mistaken. June continues to use Angela’s trauma for her own benefit. After obtaining all the information she can from Angela, she leaves her open and bleeding.

Only a few people know the extent of the danger on the planet and the importance of getting that fuel and leaving. Penny’s plans to seduce Vijay at the waterfall are ruined because the waterfall has actually disappeared. She then lets it slip that the planet is dying. Realizing her mistake she makes Vijay promise not to tell anyone. But yeah right that is going to happen. They do get a little closer after Penny reads Vijay’s letter, but their relationship is very short-lived.

So, the crew finds the ship and extracts the fuel and begin filling up their tanks. After they are full they make their way back to camp. On the way back the planet begins to shift and spew gasses, so they are racing against time to get the fuel to a safe place. They decide to camp out there that night because it will be dark soon. Don was already skeptical of June, but now he has definitive proof that she is a phony and shares that info with Judy.

Angela does the unthinkable. For some strange reason, she believes that the gun she found is sufficient firepower to take the gun down. Not sure why she thinks that. She attacks the robot, who of course, defends himself and ends up hurting John. Angela is subdued and Will figures he must do the worst and destroy the robot because he could possibly be a danger. This goes all according to June’s plan. But Will is devastated and he feels that destroying the robot is the only thing that he can do to keep everyone safe. Still, no one has caught on to Dr. Smitt and her mind games.