I’m guessing this isn’t going to be as exciting as I want an episode called Changelings to be! This episode promises to be very Rumbelle heavy which is both good and bad. There hasn’t been a lot of them recently that hasn’t just become Rumple being an idiot and Belle shouting at him for it.
So with wishes and magic abundant, there’s a lot of problems in this town!

Previously: Rumbelle issues!!
Gold really has something against the fairies
When is anyone ever happy to see the Evil Queen?
Really? You’ve got over Belle?
And… Gold has aged the fairy. For reasons of… reasons?
I do like Belle
Why does Rumple have such a thing about stealing babies?
Wow, that’s a convenient book
What’s going on here? Is this a trap?
It’s probably a trap
Is he really their kid?
I really like Jasmine. She’s sweet
Why is the book written in squid ink?
So Past!Belle is trying to save the kidnapped baby from Rumple?
I want Zelena’s coat
What’s happening?
Really Evil Queen? I think Regina does know what she’s talking about
I want Regina and Zelena to be friends
Nice. Nice distraction Killian
Emma? Visions again?
What’s important about the hilt of that blade?
Belle turn around
You’ll lose your other son just by doing what you’re doing!
Belle can read Fairy?
Actual fairies and babies and changelings? Maybe? Yay!
How come Belle can read Fairy but Rumple can’t?
You are a strange, twisted man Rumplestiltskin
Wait she actually managed to talk him down?
Regina!! You had a chance to make things better with Zelena
Genie is gone
Aussie Aladdin Genie!
Shut up, Evil Queen
Yay for Blue! But who is the Black Fairy?
Yeah Belle’s already said that the kid is in grave danger
Killian is so cute and awkward
Oooooooooo Black Fairy is pretty
She’s Rumple’s mum? Rumple is part fairy?
Yeah Belle you tell him!!
What is Belle doing? She’s giving up the kid so she doesn’t have to… give Rumple the kid?
Of course she names the kid after a character in a book
Literally all you’ve ever done is hurt her!!
Stupid evil Evil Queen
Yes. A six seasons long game! God damn it Rumple!
I can’t even feel sorry for him any more.
Of course the vision is getting to Emma!
“Well someone had a temper tantrum”

So lots of fairies and babies flying around. Rumple is part fairy, I feel that should be slightly significant and yet it was barely brushed upon other than as a reason for him to hate fairies. And now probably hates them even more now that Blue has taken his son away from him.

We’re getting close to the mid season now and with one story encompassing the whole season I am very much looking forward to it! Emma has now found the weapon that kills her, which is going to have major implications for the future.

And Aladdin has taken on the role of Genie. How that power will affect him is anybody’s guess but hopefully it will allow him to become a Saviour once more and save Agrabah as he was meant to