Joe, played by Terry Crews was an end-of-world prepper. He survived in his bunker with his dog for over a year after the world fell apart. Before the collapse, he communicated with another prepper states over. Once his dog passed, he felt lonely and decided that he wanted to take up her previous offer to meet in real life, so he left the safety of his bunker to travel to where he thought she might be.

On the way, he drives over a nail strip in the road and is caught by a free-spirited Evie, played by Olivia Munn. After a night of discussion, it’s decided that Evie needs Joe to start his motorcycle with his kill switch to escort her on her journey to find her ex who has a temper. He would hate to paint people as a way to find balance. She didn’t like how things ended and wanted to find him and perhaps to rekindle what they had.

On the way the two obviously get to know each other a little bit better, beliefs, and what they partake in, for instance, Joe drinks while Evie smokes. Joe starts to trust Evie and lets her look over the transcripts between him and the prepper to get an idea of where her bunker might be. The morning after Joe starts his ride, Evie yells to him that she thinks she has the location figured out when, in obvious TV fashion, someone swoops in to steal the ride leaving them on foot. 

Terry Crews as Joe, Olivia Munn as Evie – Tales of the Walking Dead _ Season 1, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC

The destinations are around 15 miles apart, Evie goes to the cabin, she can’t find who she was looking for, but she does find hate paintings, but also a gorgeous painting of her, so she knows that he didn’t hate her. With that information and nothing else to do, she goes in search of Joe on his mission. 

Meanwhile, Joe’s fellow prepper has a fantastic setup. She is obviously taken aback and seems extremely odd. Which turned out to be entirely accurate. She fed Joe a pot brownie and waited for the effects to hit him before she started asking why he was there. Was he trying to take her bunker? That she has had to fight off others in the past, and she has a thing for watches, she started with the one of someone who found a way in, and we see a little display case with around ten or so watches. 

Evie is able to pinpoint the location, and she also knows the secret password and is let inside. The prepper starts the same routine of offering something to eat, urging her to keep eating. But it doesn’t have any effect on Evie. She finally says you’ve been lying this entire time. It’s also pretty shady to feed someone an edible without telling them. 

Terry Crews as Joe – Tales of the Walking Dead _ Season 1 – Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC

She fights the prepper, and in the end, the prepper is killed, and the two escape. Sidebar I am unsure why they don’t just kill the walker form of the prepper, toss her outside and keep this fortified bunker, but alas. They escape,d and the walker had the ability to climb stairs, I am unsure if that was just a miss by the crew or something to look for that walkers in the first year or two had abilities that you don’t see in the more present timeline. 

After that, the next morning the two discuss what they will do next. Neither of their hunts for loved ones seemed to work out, but Evie suggests that maybe the answer is people. And Joe found her, and there have to be others out there too that need help, and maybe they should start something. So they both seemingly survived and are heading back to Joe’s bunker. 

Ultimately, it was cool to see the actor Terry Crews in this world and to hear him curse. Olivia was pleasant, I can’t recall seeing her in any other shows myself, so that was nice. In regards to learning anything new in the Walking Dead World or having a re-watchability factor? I would say no to both of those. I believe this was just one to get people into the series with some bigger-named actors. I know in the future episodes, we will include the beginning from a building next to the CDC, an episode with Alpha before she was Alpha, and something with a character around 30 years into the future. So at least on the story premise, they sound stronger than this one.