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Those damn compassionate Swedes.

My best friend loves Anders Holm, so she loved this week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine, but I was never a huge fan of him, to be honest (and seeing him in ‘The Intern’ didn’t help), so I was kind of bored with this week’s episode. I did appreciate the development in Jake and Rosa’s relationship, though. Rosa’s character development this season seems to be kind of mirroring Captain Holt’s from last season. In past seasons, we’ve really seen Charles bring her out of her shell, but this season she’s been able to open up to several of her coworkers, which has really introduced us to a more layered and relatable Rosa. I would like to see more non-cop-related bonding between Jake and Rosa in the future. Especially if buying gifts for Amy is involved. A Boogie board, Jake? Maybe if a trip to the beach was attached to the back…

If anyone could get you into astronomy, it would be Neil Degrasse Tyson, but Gina thinks everyone’s lame but her. So she almost failed her final, and Amy and Terry did everything they could think of to try and get her into the subject (including a beautiful dance), but it turns out Gina’s a genius and all she needs to do is actually open the textbook and read it. I wouldn’t be surprised if this show ends with Gina as the President of the United States. She would announce her candidacy with emojis, debate with the language of dance, and win in a landslide.

Now onto my favorite subplot of the episode, Charles “The Beast” Boyle. Who would’ve thought that Boyle would be a Squash champion—and a poor sport! I will admit though, winning a squash championship with my badass boss (Holt) is worth bringing back out “The Beast” and getting banned from a country club.

One of the most appealing parts of this show is that these characters would all bend over backwards to help each other in any way. That was evident with all three plots in “The Swedes”. With relationships like this, how could anyone NOT love this show?!

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