I can’t speak for anyone else, but this whole “life after 12×12″ is not treating me kindly. I’ve said it before, and I’ll likely say it a thousand times more: It is not as though I “miss” Bones. I certainly understand why many would say that. Especially if you are uninterested in repeatedly watching episodes to an obsessive degree. For me, Bones is still very much the focus of my entire life. I eat, sleep, and breathe this show. I wake up, watch Bones. Gif Bones. Write about Bones. It’s ever-present. I even watch while I work. I stream it while I drive (only the audio, not breaking any laws). So really, I don’t have a chance to “miss” it. But somewhere in the back of my mind, I suppose I am acknowledging the truth. That no matter how much this feels like a hiatus, it’s not. Well, I take that back. It could just be a very LONG hiatus. You never know.  And I guess I will never give up hope, either. Hope is all I have right now. Bones has been a fundamental part of my existence for quite some time. Seeing other people mention that it’s “ov*r” causes my brain to malfunction and shut down. It’s not a case of denial. That’s not it at all. It’s just a matter of “I don’t know what that means.” Because I don’t know what any of it means. It’s simply not a reality that my brain can process. I think to me, it will always just feel like a giant hiatus. Sure, I see comments related to the “e*d” and I immediately plummet into a pit of despair. But once I eventually recover, I’m back to considering all this to be a break between seasons. I don’t know why I’m so repetitious with these thoughts. I am still just coping with far too many all-consuming feelings. And I do not believe these feelings will ever really subside. But do I ever want them to? Debatable. I’ll move onto the task at hand. 

As I am now on a biweekly posting schedule, coming back to this episode (as if I haven’t watched it more than a few times in the last couple weeks) to watch Hodgins’ segment in detail seemed odd. It felt like an eternity ago that I recapped Cam’s scenes. I proceeded to rewatch those scenes, and made my way to the beginning of Hodgins’ act. And again, I have to acknowledge the brilliant execution of this episode. Especially now, knowing how it all comes together at the very end. Culminating in an explosive (literally) cliffhanger. I suppose I should stop rambling and actually get on with it.

Following the opening credits, this episode takes us back to the wedding. This time, we visit with Hodgins. We see his name flash across the screen. And if the viewer hasn’t yet caught on to the unique structure of the episode, this was the moment when all became clear. Angela finds her husband behind what I can only assume to be the bar of any squint’s dreams. It looks very much like a chemistry set, equipped with flasks and beakers filled with brightly colored liquids. And Hodgins looks positively ecstatic to be working behind it. I so love cheerful Hodgins. His happiness always makes me smile. After Angela snaps a rather amusing photo of her very enthusiastic husband, Hodgins offers to make her a drink. Angela inquires as to what is available on the menu, and the camera pans over to her choices: The Saroyan Sling or the Arast-ini (that one is my favorite). Hodgins then adds that he could mix her up a Pookie Noodlin, and Angela’s face immediately shifts to a look of horror. “You did not name a drink the Pookie Noodlin.”  I realize that some were not quite satisfied when Angela’s birth name was ultimately revealed back in season 10. But honestly, I still get quite a kick out of it. Hodgins admits that the Pookie Noodlin is not actually on the menu. But he will proceed to whip her up “something special.” Anything for Angela.

The conversation turns more serious, as Angela asks Hodgins whether he has checked his phone recently. She is eager to know if he has heard anything from their doctor. Of course at this point, I was almost certain that Angela was pregnant. We knew that the two of them were ready to try for another baby. Their lives had finally calmed down after the bombing that rendered Hodgins permanently paralyzed. Hodgins and Angela went through a rough patch, for sure. I would imagine it was the most difficult period of, not just their relationship, but their lives. After all was said and done, they made it through. And at this point, I do believe they are as happy as they have ever been.

Additionally, the promotional stills released prior to the episode airing showed Angela and Brennan smiling and hugging (I understand that there could be a million other reasons for that…I just had a feeling). This is what Angela has wanted for a couple years now. So then why would she be worried? Why were she and Hodgins awaiting a call from the doctor. To solve that mystery, we just need to venture all the way back to season six: Leber Congenital Amaurosis. Once again, the couple would obviously have to wait to find out whether their child would be born blind. That’s enough to make anyone riddled with anxiety.

As Hodgins mixes his wife’s special concoction, he reminds Angela that they were not supposed to talk about “that” during the wedding. They agreed to table the conversation (and the worry) until at least the next day. Angela apologizes. But can she really stop thinking about it? Probably not. And we will not get confirmation of what “it” actually is during this scene. Hodgins’ drink creates a small explosion, which forces the end of that particular discussion. He hands Angela a beverage that looks reminiscent of Windex. But she seems to thoroughly enjoy it. Wait a minute. If she’s pregnant, then why is she drinking hard liquor? Or is she really drinking? Whatever the ingredients, Angela seems to be very satisfied with it. And now I want to hire Hodgins as my own personal bartender.

Bones 12x11 Hodgela

Photo Source: Bones, FOX (2017 Fox Broadcasting Co.)

Daisy calls Angela over to snap an “intern photo.” Even though, as we previously established, not one of them is really an intern any longer.  Well, Wendell may still be an intern. Or perhaps he has already moved onto a new endeavor. Angela bids farewell to her husband for the time being. “Duty calls.” She walks away, just as Aubrey swiftly arrives at the bar. He wants Hodgins to mix him up another drink…or two. Karen Delfs joins the men, and I find it interesting that she was actually invited to this wedding. Her interaction with Cam and Arastoo seemed just a bit limited in the time she has been around. But I won’t read too much into it. I enjoy her presence. That’s all that matters to me. Karen makes a comment about Hodgins being very “Bunsen Jude.” “AMAZING!” Thank you, writers, for the Science Dude reference. The call backs during this season were just excellent, and much appreciated by this particular fan. Karen decides to order a “Saroyan Sling,” and then makes an observation about Hodgins’ demeanor. After all, that’s what she does. Hodgins is calm and happy. She figured that he would be slightly more anxious, since he is slated to help defend Zack the next morning. But Hodgins is more than confident that the team’s evidence makes the case a “slam dunk.” And just like that, we have left the wedding once more. Don’t worry, though. We’ll be back a few more times before the episode ends.

Hodgins arrives at the courthouse, and finds find Brennan and Zack already conferring outside of the courtroom. Hodgins compliments Zack’s tie. And Zack has a very…Zack-like response. Something to do with a neck tie’s phallic shape. Hodgins cuts him off before he can finish what I’m sure would have been a rather awkward but informative sentence. We learn that Zack will be representing himself. I know that he is a genius, but this still seemed like a risky idea to me. Zack, however, is confident and very phlegmatic. He has had many years to study courtroom procedure. Fair enough. That, I will buy. Brennan also believes that Zack will be fine. She begins to speak about the opposing attorney, when Caroline interrupts. Caroline is the opposing attorney. She finishes Brennan’s sentence by saying that she is a “fierce vision by the name of Caroline Julian.” I would think that this would be something of a conflict of interest. But Caroline’s pretty damn smart. And she would never jeopardize her job by taking on cases she shouldn’t. Or she would find a way to have her cake and eat it too, so to speak. I’ll allow it. Caroline turns to Hodgins and asks whether she just saw Angela looking “green” and running into a bathroom. The pregnancy is as much as confirmed to me now. With a look of genuine concern on his face, Zack inquires if Angela is feeling unwell. Hodgins shrugs it off like it’s nothing. And Caroline attributes Angela’s nausea to the strong drinks Hodgins was serving up to guests the night before. Caroline, herself, apparently had something of a hangover that same morning. Brennan still looks worried, and leaves the group to check up on her friend. Hodgins remains self-assured. He believes without a doubt, that this case will be ruled in Zack’s favor. He asks how long the hearing is going to last because he would like to take Zack out for a celebratory lunch. They must really have some damning evidence.

Bones 12x11 CarolineCourt

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During the hearing, Hodgins walks the judge through the evidence that the team found following the discovery of Gormogon’s deceased apprentice. The blood on the body matches the blood of the victim. The apprentice must have murdered the victim right before he died. Acting as his own representation, Zack mentions his prior confession to that particular murder. But Hodgins notes that it was a false confession. One that Zack has since rescinded. Now it’s Caroline’s turn to question Hodgins. I will admit, upon first viewing I did not realize what she was doing. I know she’s clever, but I still wondered why she was using such strong language here. Didn’t she feel that Zack was innocent as well? That was my initial impression. Did she not trust that if anyone could find a miraculous and rare piece of evidence out of the blue (oh god, I almost wrote out the blue…) it would be the Jeffersonian team? Zack objects to her statements on account of “hearsay.” But Hodgins wants to respond to Caroline’s implications. He acknowledges that there were concerns among the team when this evidence was first discovered. After all, it had been a decade since the case was first closed. That is why Hodgins established a protocol, which dictated that no one would examine evidence alone. “Meaning it was impossible for even someone as brilliant as yourself to plant such compelling evidence?” This time, Caroline does not allow him the chance to respond. And she has no further questions for Dr. Hodgins.

Bones 12x11 Hodgins Court

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Following his surprising exchange with Caroline, Hodgins is very clearly agitated. He makes his way back to where Brennan is seated, and asks her what Caroline thinks she’s doing. The judge announces that it is now time for each side to present their closing statements. Caroline begins. I still cannot believe I didn’t catch onto what she was doing. It seems so obvious now. Once again, Caroline makes mention of the fact that the evidence presented that day was “unusually compelling.” Hodgins interrupts, yelling that Zack is actually the victim here.

Bones 12x11 Mad Hodgins

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Brennan implores Hodgins to calm down. But he simply cannot let Zack spend the rest of his life in that institution (or prison), when he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that his friend is innocent. Hodgins has had one too many outbursts, and is escorted from the courtroom by the bailiff. Brennan meets him on the other side of the doors. He basically shouts that Caroline is deliberately sabotaging their case. Brennan does not really care what Hodgins thinks of Caroline’s work. But she advises him to control himself, as making a scene will definitely not help Zack either. Hodgins asks Brennan to go back into the courtroom and stand by Zack. Someone has to be there when his “life sentence is upheld.”

Bones 12x11 BrennanHodginsCourt

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At that moment, Hodgins’ phone rings. He initially believes that it’s the doctor. But it’s actually just Aubrey, calling him over to a fresh crime scene. When Hodgins arrives at the scene, he is much more chipper than when we left him just seconds earlier. I imagine that Brennan must have sent him a message, informing him that Zack had been exonerated. That would explain an otherwise peculiar and near-instant shift in Hodgins’ mood. Aubrey, on the other hand, looks like he has been to Hell and back. He is sporting a pair of dark sunglasses and a scowl. And at the sound of Hodgins energetic voice, he begins to cringe. He obviously partook in one too many Arast-inis. Aubrey admits that he feels much like the victim. I do not doubt that. Hodgins informs Aubrey that he is not to blame. Hodgins merely mixed the drinks. Aubrey is the one who “downed a dozen of them.”

Bones 12x11 Aubrey

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Jessica is also present at the crime scene, and notifies the other two that the victim was in his late 20s. Though, the race can not yet be determined. Aubrey notices that the victim’s clothes are made of denim. “Canadian tuxedo?” Hodgins examines the fabric further. The denim is low-quality and the stitching is “shotty.” “This looks more like a prison uniform.” Aubrey adds that there happens to be a prison about a mile away from this area. Jessica proceeds to find evidence of trauma on the skull. Presumably, a gunshot wound. Aubrey compliments her discovery, and Jessica politely thanks him. It’s clear that something is definitely off with these two. But we will not find out what’s going on with them just yet. Hodgins is not blind to the awkward tension, as he looks back and forth between Jessica and Aubrey.  Aubrey announces that he is going to go take a walk in the woods to see if he can find any more clues. Hodgins advises Jessica to accompany him on his journey. “Why?” “Could be fun.”

Bones 12x11 Jessica

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Aubrey shoots Hodgins an exasperated look. And now I am quite curious as to why these two are so very uncomfortable right now. Well, I was when I first watched the episode. At this point, it just makes me a little sad. When last we left Jessica and Aubrey, they were a committed couple. Completely solid. What has happened to knock them off their axis? Hodgins encourages Jessica to “just go.” And the couple exchanges looks of evident discomfort. Hodgins is clearly amused, smiling brightly as he continues to examine the remains.

Bones 12x11 Sneaky Hodgins

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He discovers some sort of butterfly/moth type insect. And he wonders aloud as to why this particular insect is on the body. I assume it was a telling find. I do not know too much about insects as it relates to forensics. Only what I have learned from this show.

Bones 12x11 butterfly

Photo Source: Bones, FOX (2017 Fox Broadcasting Co.)

We are then sent back to the lab. This was the same scene from Cam’s POV, beginning just after Cam and Arastoo made their way to the platform. Hodgins informs his newly wedded boss that two inmates have escaped from prison. He can now say that one of them was named Fred Walden. I assume they spoke to the prison, and were given the identities of the escapees. The other man…was Mark Kovac. And if you watched season 12 in its entirety, you know that is not a name any of these characters want to hear right now. Because this particular man’s sole purpose in life is to take down Booth and his family. Cam is shocked at the revelation. While Arastoo is somewhat confused. “Isn’t that the guy who killed…Max.” Arastoo only realizes what he is saying and to whom he is saying it as he softly stumbles over Max’s name. The camera pans to Brennan. And she looks away, and then down. The memories remain painful. The wounds are still fresh. The scars will never completely heal (though we all know how she deals with pain from the past). Until they catch this man, she will never really have closure. And the added fact that her family- her husband and precious children- are in danger? Unacceptable. Unbearable. There must be something they can do.

The next issue is that they are unable to determine which man is laying on their table. Is it Kovac? They can only hope. Or could it be his accomplice? Unfortunately, identification is difficult, as both men have very similar profiles. The team cannot use traditional age and trace markers to distinguish one from the other. But Angela is working on a facial reconstruction at that moment. Brennan, with a great deal of emotion infused into her voice, apologizes to Cam and Arastoo. “Dr. Saroyan, Dr. Vaziri, I hate to press you into service so soon after your nuptials-” But Angela has just joined them. As she ascends the platform, she announces to the team that she is the bearer of bad news.

Bones 12x11 Angela

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Hodgins begs her not to say that the man laying before them is Fred Walden. Angela simply doesn’t say anything. But the look on her face tells them all they need to know. Hodgins interprets her message loud and clear. “Which means somewhere out there is a man who-”

Bones 12x11 Concerned Hodgins

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Brennan finishes his sentence. “Wants to kill me and my family.” Everyone looks grim. Everyone is terrified. They need to move fast now. But…what is their next move? The scene fades to black. And that’s that.

12x11 Sad Brennan

Photo Source: Bones, FOX (2017 Fox Broadcasting Co.)

Hodgins’ act covered quite a bit of ground. We definitely got to experience the full gamut of emotions here. Hodgins was downright giddy at the wedding. He was relaxed and composed while Angela anxiously awaited a call from the doctor.  During the reception, he was having fun, talking to everyone, and really just in his element.

The good mood would spill over into the next scene, albeit a bit more subdued by necessity. Hodgins knows they have all the evidence they need to prove Zack’s innocence at the hearing. He is just concerned about whether they will be able to go to lunch at a reasonable hour. But what happened in the courtroom completely flipped his attitude. Hodgins became angry. He was defensive. He only expected the worst to happen at that point. Zack would be locked away for the rest of his life, and it was all Caroline’s fault. And perhaps he blamed himself as well. Hodgins’ mood bounced back at the crime scene. He seemed jovial once more. And he took the utmost pleasure in forcing a reluctant Jessica and Aubrey to go exploring together. Finally, the last scene. Worry and dread. For just a moment, there was at least some semblance of hope that the man found in the woods was indeed Kovac. If that was the case, all of this would be over. But once it was confirmed that this dangerous man was still at large, everyone’s mood turned somber. Something sinister was inevitably looming.  This man was after Booth and Brennan. And something tells me that he didn’t care about collateral damage in the form of friends and colleagues. They were all at risk. And looking at this from the other side, knowing that Hodgins and Angela already knew they were expecting, Hodgins definitely could not risk anything happening to his friends and his own family.

I wouldn’t say Hodgins and Angela have had an easy journey together over the years. They were together, then they weren’t, and then all of a sudden they were married. Their relationship has always been unique. And has always been extraordinarily beautiful to behold. Their love and chemistry essentially jumps out at you from the screen. One of the only real obstacles in their marriage was that first pregnancy. It really weighed on the two of them, emotionally speaking. But in the end, they knew that they would love their child no matter what. Michael Vincent turned out to be perfectly healthy and unaffected by the gene. Even though they knew that this was a possibility with any future child they would have, I have to imagine they would still be at peace as much as they were in season 6. If their baby had LCA, Hodgins would simply teach him piano.

The real challenge in this relationship came after Hodgins was paralyzed. It took a significant and profound toll on him. And he took out his pain and frustration on Angela. Their relationship nearly shattered.  But they ultimately got through it. And they healed. They came out the other side better and stronger than ever. It’s finally an ideal time to have more children. I’m sure they were absolutely elated upon finding out. But it’s also natural to worry about LCA. These two are entitled to their concerns. It doesn’t mean they will love their child any less if he is blind. They just want to be prepared. I’m getting ahead of myself. We don’t even technically know much of anything at this point. Actually, can it even be detected in utero? It didn’t seem like it a few years ago when they waited until the baby was born to find out if he was blind. Maybe science has made advances in the last half a decade. I will admit, I’m not very well versed in this particular genetic disease.

All in all, it was a compelling continuation of this story, which started out with Cam. Each act is full of revelations. And these first two segments really helped set the stage for the events to come later in the episode. And some even helped to drive the story into the next episode (still cannot call it what it is). The case moves forward with each character’s set of scenes. Towards the end of Cam’s story, she and Arastoo arrive at the lab, only to be told that “everything” was wrong. And by the time we made it to the end of Hodgins’ story, we understood why that was the case. Everything was definitely wrong. We know the players seemingly involved, but it is not clear how this is eventually unfolds (unless you’ve seen the episode, of course). The personal stories of these characters are simultaneously addressed as well.  We are given a little information as to Cam’s plans for her future with Arastoo. Not the entire truth, of course.  But we are let in on her intention to take time away from the lab. We also know that something is up with Angela and Hodgins, as it relates to their health (or the health of an unborn child perhaps?) The next “chapter” belongs to Aubrey. During his scenes, we gain a bit of insight as to the mystery of his wedding binge drinking. We learn about his future (or lack thereof) with Jessica and with the Bureau. And we will receive a few more clues related to how this case will continue to unfold.

Back soon with the next piece! As I mentioned previously, I’m going to drag this out as long as I can. Because really, we have all the time in the world…Until then.