Which team member does Green Arrow wish they left behind? Nothing like a good double cross. Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

We didn’t see Evelyn take part in the Dominators cross over event and it appears because she has been busy working with Prometheus, she supplied him with pictures and address of all those close to Oliver. She tells Prometheus she wants to be around when Oliver meets his end but he tells her she hasn’t been listening because he won’t kill Oliver, but Oliver will wish that he was dead.

Oliver and Thea are throwing some sort of Christmas party, Thea and Oliver acknowledge the Dominators which is more than we saw the Flash crew do. Thea says that the Dominators did her a favor by remembering how good she has it. Felicity is drunk as she is nervous to finally introduce her friends to her boyfriend Billy. She finds Curtis and he is nervous too as they haven’t told their significant others of their late night activities. The stories don’t jive as Paul thought they were working on a startup together. Paul is upset about what is going on and goes outside and Curtis goes out to talk with him. While having an argument Prometheus hits Curtis with a throwing star and in the ensuing fight hits him with a throwing knife in the upper chest. The team realizes that if Prometheus attacked Curtis he must know their real identities.

Felicity does some research about the drug that was found in Curtis’s system from the attack. After cross referencing some history they come up with the name Justin Claybourne who was a big wig from a pharmaceutical company that made that drug. Oliver says that he was on his list and someone he thought he killed years ago. It is decided to go check out the warehouse that Claybourne used to be in as the records show some recent activity on the grid has been reported the last couple months. Upon arriving Prometheus has a trap set for Green Arrow, during the fight he notices a move he knows, and Wild Dog tries to help but Artemis stops him. She says the city needs to be saved from him as her and Prometheus makes the escape.

Curtis admits to Paul that he works with the Green Arrow, which Paul says does explain the late nights, and all the bruises, but he can’t stand the months of lying. He makes an ultimatum that he can either choose being a Vigilante or his marriage. Paul can’t keep worrying every night if it’s the last time he sees Curtis alive. To clean up this story line, less than 24 hours later Paul decides he is going to leave Curtis. He says he has noticed Curtis has been extremely happy these few months and he can’t be responsible for him giving that up but it is not fair to worry every night because he loves him so much and wants him to be happy.

Detective Malone says it’s his responsibility to try to stop murders and starts getting a jump on Claybourne as well, after Team Arrow, but he goes to the warehouse to investigate, he finds a picture of a young baby, but is captured by Prometheus. Felicity later believes that Claybourne actually had a child that could be the current day Prometheus.

Oliver remembers where he had his fight with Claybourne and goes back there, he has a lot of flashbacks of the fight where he killed a number of people on his way to finding Justin Claybourne. During the attack Prometheus and Oliver goes off the roof with a rope and ends up on another floor. Prometheus gets away from Green Arrow, when Green Arrow sees Prometheus he hits him with 3 arrows. Green Arrow goes to look and sees that a weapon is taped around the person’s hand, he takes off the hood and sees that it is Detective Billy who had his mouth taped shut.

Oliver goes back to base dejected, he tells Felicity that he killed Billy, he didn’t know, he couldn’t know, but Prometheus showed that anyone near Oliver is not safe and they should all leave and go far away from him. John Diggle says that they are all where they are supposed to be and everyone comes together on this.

As we near close, Oliver goes to see his girlfriend for a night of likely boom boom. Lyla calls John Diggle that something happened with his son and he needs to go to the safe house immediately. When John arrives he has a number of infrared lights on his chest, which shows he is likely captured and going back to prison. After Oliver’s night of fun, he goes back to the base and he sees Laurel! Yes he sees Laurel!