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The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Part 3 Episode 4: “Drag Me To Hell” Review

So far season three has been exciting and eventful as usual, but also unexpected. Like the fact that Sabrina didn’t want to rule hell, but now she has no choice. Also, hell isn’t on fire, which is very confusing. It sounds crazy, but Sabrina is taking her royal duties very lightly. No one wants to be sentenced to hell, but those are individual decisions that people choose to make when they made a deal with the Dark Lord. In this episode we saw Sabrina’s first trial of soul collections go wrong and how she began to find her groove being the ruler of hell and cheerleader for Baxter High.

The Pawn To Hell

Lilith is back to serving Sabrina and helping her take her rightful spot on the throne, but it’s defiantly not a walk in the park. Luckily Sabrina was assisted through this process. Even then so she was looked as weak meat because she didn’t feel like an elderly man who sold his soul to be a great chess player deserved a spot in hell. Sabrina doesn’t realize it right away, but if she is too merciful on souls she will never be able to do her job as queen which will result in Prince Calaban obtaining the throne. Protecting the earth is very important to her, so she needs to turn up the heat even if that means dragging a chess player. Everything has a price and her fulfilling her duties is the price she has to pay to keep the earth alive.

I’m worried that Sabrina might have taken advantage of her friend’s willingness to help also. They aren’t saying anything so far, but I believe when they agreed to help her on adventures, they didn’t mean “every adventure”. It’s kinda rude how she just disturbs them during their band rehearsals without even tuning in to the sound or offering to help get them exposed. She just barges in when she needs them. As a friend, you are supposed to be there for your other friends also. Being a which is no excuse to make everything about you even though it’s technically her show. Each character brings a special offering. She should fear to overwhelm them and possibly losing their friendship “again”.

Mr.Platt’s Debt

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Sabrina’s attempt to show dominance as the queen of hell didn’t go so well the first time, so Mr.Platt’s debt was her final attempt to prove herself. Mr. Platt is known as the friendly and scary ice cream truck driver who has paid off Lucifer with the hearts of young and innocent children. Although this deal was made with Lucifer, Sabrina decided not to accept his form of payment. It was disgusting and cruel. The worst part of it all way the fact that a family was suffering because Mr.Platt kidnapped their daughter for her organ. Thankfully, Ros’s eyes were able to help track her down and bring her to safety, but Mr.Platt wasn’t so lucky. Sabrina 1, Prince Calaban 0.

A New Cell For The Dark Lord

Zelda was heated when she found out that Sabrina hid nick in their house with the Dark Lord still imprisoned inside of him, but her rear was saved once Prudence and Ambrose arrived with very scruffy blackwood. Not only did they find Blackwood, but they found Judas and Judith who’ve grown to be much older and hippy-like him. I’m guessing that Blackwood was going to make his own society much like he manipulated the church of night. Now he has the devil in him, literally. There is no telling what will happen now. One thing that I’ve learned from watching this show is that for everything that Sabrina does, there is a price to pay eventually. Queen Of Hell or not.

Rating: 5/5

So far, I’m loving this season of The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina and Prince Calaban oohh la la. I’m glad that Sabrina got Nick back, but I don’t like how she’s being towards her friends. Mr.Platt abducting that young child was also cringing to watch. Nevertheless, I always enjoy


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