We all know that gambling enthusiasts sometimes take their hobby too seriously, eventually dedicating more and more time towards their subject of interest. Books have recently become popular among gamblers, which allow revealing fascinating insights about casino math, psychology, and gaming nuances. These reading pieces also allow answering a dazzling array of topical questions, so that if you’re interested in casino research and casino psychology, those books will become your best friends. Once you are up for getting to know some unique pieces of knowledge about gambling, the following ten books will certainly assist you in your endeavors. Check them out!

Beat the Dealer

This particular gambling book by Edward O. Thorp is a balanced and well-rounded guide to Blackjack, card counting, and ways of beating a dealer. The good news for complete dummies in Blackjack is that Thorp vividly describes all the vital strategies and counting nuances, which allow ultimately (sic!) beating the dealer more often. Once you’re interested in Blackjack the most, Beat the Dealer is something that you should start from, regardless of your beforehand experience and interest.

Gambling 102

Alright, here comes a gambling book that speaks for itself. Mike Shackleford, the author of Gambling 102, has managed to cover a wide range of mathematical calculations in a fascinatingly compiled list of favorable strategies for increasing winning chances in gambling. Not only it provides basic math for casino players, but it also has proven to be valuable for high-rollers in Canadian real money casinos. Our review team highly recommends this book to all the gambling enthusiasts who are looking for firsthand gambling experiences, vital strategies, and even computer modeling. What a value within a single book!


Some readers enjoy a more relaxing narrative than the one full of mathematical calculations of psychological explanations. Comped by Bill Kearney allows diving deep into the experiences of a high-roller player in Atlantic City, whose life circulates over casinos. This narrative is full of adventures, fascinating stories, and outstanding casino-related experiences. For those who are looking for one of the top gambling books based on one’s personal experience, Comped is one of the best readings, for certain.

Casino Gambling for Dummies

This particular reading is gambling for dummies book, which shares a wide range of insightful instructions and guidelines for newcomers in gaming. By using a vast experience of the author, who is Kevin Blackwood, this book promotes itself as a reading that shows newcomers how to bet wisely and bring home all those bucks! What stands out the most is that Casino Gambling for Dummies can improve chances at casino considerably, even if a player has no previous experience in casinos, both online and brick and mortar ones. Highly recommended!

1000 Best Casino Gambling Secrets

All of us love secrets, especially when they are somehow related to gambling. Bill Burton, in his 1000 Best Casino Gambling Secrets, reveals a dazzling array of strategies and casino tips and tricks. A gambling book recommends the following concepts, such as wagering specifications, rules for numerous game variations, and even tricks for prolonged Keno sessions. Even though hardcore gamblers will certainly find this book a bit dull, newcomers will undoubtedly grasp various concepts and perks, eventually applying them into practice.

Roll the Bones

Are there any lovers of history here? Roll the Bones by David G. Schwartz takes readers into an amusing historical narrative of gambling history, from the earliest mentions of gambling to the casino online gameplay. This book is definitely one of the most accurate historical accounts on gambling ever written, which makes it a fascinating choice for the fans of history and gambling at the same time. If you’re up for some futuristic perspectives or theoretical assumptions about the future of gambling, the last parts of the book has much to offer.

The Biggest Game in Town

Sometimes, a mere recollection of gaming strategies is not enough to satisfy the sheer interest in something more sophisticated, which is the psychology of gambling. Instead of offering the answers to the questions, such as: “does playing higher odds on a casino slot machine improve your chance to win?” this book offers a more nuanced approach towards the review of professional Poker players. Al Alvarez has managed to create a masterpiece in Poker literature, which back then provided the first-ever detailed account of psychology and decision-making processes.

The Frugal Gambler

Let’s be honest; not all the gambling enthusiasts are wealthy individuals with loads of cash available. Because of this universal fact, The Frugal Gambler by Jean Scott is a book that describes how to make money in casinos by betting small amounts, at the same time living inexpensively. The release of this book was met with a huge appraisal since it is now regarded as one of the detailed guides to small-betting strategies that can be used in brick and mortar venues all around the world.

You Bet: The Betfair Story

Keeping in mind that most gamblers are now having their best times in online casinos, this book by Colin Cameron is a story of British developers, who revolutionized and initiated an unprecedented development in the industry of online casinos. By offering a detailed account of the development and growth of Betfair, casual players can benefit from realizing how the industry changed and transformed over the last years. We always recommend this book to players who spend most of their gameplay time on online gambling websites.

Gamblers Fight Back

What a wonderful book to wrap up our top ten list of gambling books! This narrative by Greg Elder is an autobiography of a man who gave up everything he had for the sake of becoming a pro gambler one day. It offers astonishing insights from the author’s personal experiences as well as real accounts on actual gameplay sessions. Regardless of what is your perception of such stories, this one is certainly worthy of your attention, much because of its inspirational, motivational, and insightful perspective.