Lucifer is back tonight and he is going back to school, well technically I guess he never went to school to begin with. So, scratch all that, Decker goes back to school tonight, she definitely went to school before.


Photo Source: Lucifer on Fox

Tonight’s episode is titled “High School Poppycock”, this is the 15th episode which means after tonight there will be nine episodes left to the season.

Episode Synopsis for “High School Poppycock”:

“When a best-selling novelist is murdered, Lucifer and Chloe discover that her books are based on real people from her past, and must infiltrate her high school reunion in order to catch her killer. Meanwhile, Amenadiel and Linda struggle with making their relationship public.” – Fox


Photo Source: Lucifer on Fox

Sounds like tonight will be your standard episode of Lucifer. I am certainly expecting some Lucifer hi jinks at the high school reunion.

While the above promo is brief I get the feeling that tonight is going to be a rather humorous episode.

File:315 promo 06 Linda Amenadiel.jpg

Photo Source: Lucifer Wiki/Lucifer/Fox

File:315 promo 07 Linda Amenadiel Maze.jpg

Photo Source: Lucifer Wiki/Lucifer/Fox

It looks like Lucifer and Decker won’t be the only ones having fun tonight. What’s Maze going to do when Linda and Amenadiel come clean to her?

So, that’s all we know about tonight’s episode.

Lucifer is on tonight at 8pm on Fox.

Don’t forget, if your not caught up, you can watch the latest episodes here.