At the Television Academy For Your Consideration event, some of the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend cast members recreated The Sexy Getting Ready Song & it was absolutely glorious. Rachel started off the number and was then joined by Donna Lynne Champlin & Pete Gardner who did the backup dance moves and vocals ALSO in spanx. Vincent Rodriguez III briefly came out to perform the rap part in the middle of the song.

The whole thing was amazing, best moments include:

  • “They’re so sexy, give us an Emmy” – Rachel Bloom
  • Rachel & Vincent  calling each other Rach & Vinnie #FriendshipGoals
  • “I don’t watch any musical numbers that I’m not in” & “Vincent out” – Vincent Rodriguez III
  • Pete Gardner’s dance moves
  • Donna Lynne Champlin’s excellent body roll skills
  • Rachel saying “we’ll be back motherfuckers” & giggling!

Check out the full clip here