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Thankful for Mindy!

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Any fan of The Mindy Project knows that we’ve been through a lot with our show. Now that it’s thriving on Hulu, and without the imminent worry of cancellation, it feels like we can finally sit back and really enjoy our favorite romantic sitcom! In that spirit, and with the help of some amazing fans, we have compiled a list of all the things we’re thankful for in the Mindiverse™.

1) This list wouldn’t have any legitimacy without a major shout-out to the baes over at Hulu! In a move rivaling all the best romantic comedies, the streaming service swooped in, like the ultimate knight in shining armour, and saved our beloved comedy from the clutches of that devil network. Thank you, Hulu!

2) Mindy Kaling – Our favorite multi-hyphenate (Writer-Actress-Producer), we could go on, but how much time do you have? We love you Mindy! Thank you for being such an inspiration!

3) Messina. – Need we say more?

GIF Source: thehastiproject tumblr

4) Supporting Cast – Again, you know why Ed, Xosha, Beth & Ike are awesome, we don’t have to tell you.

5) It’s a mini romantic comedy each week – Given the crappy state of actual romantic comedies at the movies, this is such a blessing!


6) No Will They/Won’t They – Mindy & her amazing writing staff didn’t tease us with this ship for 10 years before giving them a meh ending (looking at you Friends). Instead, our babes got together and stayed together! Now we get to see their ever after, complete with a baby and the fun and interesting challenges of a committed relationship.


7)  Laughter is the best medicine – thanks Dr. Kaling!


8) It’s so nice to have something to look forward to at the end of a crappy day or week that you know will lift you out of your funk and give you at least 22 minutes of giggles.


9) The hottest ship around. As wise sage Mindy Lahiri once said: ”I’ve not yet tired of watching hot people fall in love.” One look at Danny & Mindy & we’d tend to agree!


GIF Source: TheHastiProject Tumblr

10) Fashion! – Mindy Lahiri might be the best dressed TV character ever (we’re not at all biased) and Sal Perez & Mindy keep outdoing themselves week in and week out. We get to look at pretty people in pretty clothes and is there anything better?


And last, but not least…

11) The Best TV Fandom EVER (at least according to Hasti and Sara!) *give yourselves a round of applause!*


(We love Diamond Dan too, Prim!)

Thank you to Mindy and co. for filling our lives with joy and laughter. Thank you to our fellow fans who took time out to share why they’re thankful for The Mindy Project. And finally, Happy Thanksgiving to the best TV fandom in the world!

Hasti and Sara

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