If you were looking for an update to Magna and Connie, too bad so sad for you, that didn’t happen, and it doesn’t look like that will happen next week either.

What I can tell you is the Whisperers are scarier than I imagined. Beta and his group built an underground pathway from under a trailer, to Alexandria and up THROUGH a grave. Talk about insanity, more on the last part later. Gamma arrives at Alexandria finally to warn them that people are trapped in a cave with Alpha’s horde. Gabriel and Rosita don’t entirely believe Gamma and throw her in the cell. Gabriel and Rosita interrogate her a little more, tell her of the others that have died, and finally, believe her story about everything. She says she killed her sister and talks more about her nephew. After gaining the trust, she tells them that she will point out on a map where the cave is. Judith, in typical fashion, is inquisitive and asks Gamma some questions. She asks what her name is, which is Mary, and some other questions about her life. Mary says that she and her sister made mistakes until they found Alpha, and Judith says that Mary doesn’t look like a monster and that she just met the wrong person first. If she met her mom or dad she wouldn’t be in that cell.

Elsewhere, Daryl is able to track Whisperers to another cave entry point, unfortunately, Alpha, and some other of her flock lure out some walkers as cover as they are headed, well I am not even sure where they were going. Daryl retreats and then attacks by the creek by hitting a Whisperer with an arrow, that causes his scream and walkers to attack. Daryl comes out and attacks, after more follows die him and Alpha throw down. Both of them get rocked pretty bad, Daryl gets blurred, blocked bloody vision from an attack, including a knife in his thigh, he retreats after seeing Alpha go for her gun. Daryl hides out in an abandoned gas station in the woods, or maybe it was a mechanics building, who knows, but Alpha tracks him down and she is so beat herself she lures walkers to try to finish the job.

Meanwhile in Alexandria, Rosita is struggling to get her stuff together, figuring out life without Siddiq, and is having bad dreams. With the knowledge from Gamma(Mary) a group is going to go on a rescue mission, the Watchtower sends a warning of a group of walkers coming. It’s ultimately decided that a group led by Gabriel will go break up the horde before heading to the cave, with Rosita, Laura and a skeleton crew stay back to protect home. Gabriel apologizes to Rosita for making the decision without her, but she understands it is probably for the best she can’t trust herself out there, she should stay back for Coco, before heading out Gabriel left her his hat which instantly made me think he was a goner.

The Watchtower checkpoint has no signs of walkers, and a dead person with a walkie talkie. Gabriel pieces together why this would happen and that it means less people back home. We get to see back home, and the fun begins, Beta comes out of a grave, the grave dug by Dante, which makes you wonder how deep and connected these underground passages can go. Beta starts killing random people and waiting for them to turn so he now has a walker army to use in Alexandria.


Beta is the first one up at a sleepover and hears a noise. Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/AMC

Beta finds Gamma, Gamma isn’t afraid of Beta. She says that Alpha lied, these people are not like she said, Beta says she was dead when she arrived to them. Gamma knows that Beta isn’t going to kill her because Alpha does. Laura finds Beta and tells Gamma to go get help. Laura and Beta battle where Laura dies. I’m sad to see Laura go I really liked her. Judith saw Gamma in the street and whispered for her to get inside. Beta figured out that is the place to search, he finally made it to the second floor and tried to get inside the locked bedroom door but Judith shoots Beta through the door in the chest. Judith and RJ escape, but Gamma is caught because he was wearing a bulletproof vest(if you watched Talking Dead, it was announced that he took the vest off of one of the people he killed earlier in the night that was wearing a vest.) Rosita arrives and tries to save Gamma, Beta beats Rosita up pretty good until Gamma puts a knife to her neck and threatens to kill herself if she doesn’t let Rosita go. She knows that Alpha wants her alive.

Beta is walking Gamma back to the pack and they pass through the area where Beta killed someone who was telling everyone a walker pack was coming. When Gabriel and others come out, Beta flees while Gamma gives up. Gabriel shot one of his last two remaining shotgun bullets at Beta, I have a feeling this comes into play later.

Back with Alpha and Daryl, they are both all sorts of messed up, Daryl was able to kill the walkers earlier, he even had to remove the knife in his thigh to kill the walkers which opened up his wound spurting blood everywhere. Daryl told Alpha that she lost Lydia by not loving her and she ran her away, causing Alpha to try to use her last energy to get to Daryl. Lydia comes and Alpha tries to get her to kill her and take leadership of the pack. Lydia says she can’t, and that she wanted to be by humans, and they are not perfect but they are human, and that she is here but not for her. She saves Daryl, the next morning, or maybe afternoon, Alpha wakes up and sees a carved message from her own knife in the wood that says, “Your way is not the only way.” Alpha gets mad and wants revenge, chants their motto to some of her followers. We know she is going to attack, when Daryl wakes up he asks how long he was out and if Alpha is dead. Lydia asks if he would have been able to do it if it was his own dad? She says no she couldn’t do it.