So awhile ago we put out a guide on starting to collect Funko Pops, well we have decided now is a good time to follow that up. So what do you do if life happens, or if you decide you want to collect something else in life? Well, we have some suggestions to help you move things and different options in case you need to move things fast, or if you want to try to maximize your profits.

I want everyone to know that I am not making anything from any of these companies, but I have found myself needing to move some Funko items and figured I would share some of the things I have encountered so far.

If you need to create cash fast, the best options are to look into 7 Bucks a Pop, or Toy USA
to a lesser extent, you could look into Spastic Plastics, I won’t link them as I am not even sure that they will still be around long term. But what do these companies do you ask? They are willing to buy your entire collection in one shot, grails, commons, and items in between. They will sometimes be willing to pay for shipping and or send shipping supplies. Toy USA is also willing to take on other items like Figpins, and Loyal Subjects, hot wheels, and other collections. I see 7BucksAPop will take a lot of Funko, including minis. What is the big catch you ask? They won’t take low-end collections, they are willing to pay around 40-60% of PPG for it as they put them in mystery boxes.

If you are looking to slow sell it but to try to maximize your profits your best option is to do a meetup. That way you can save on shipping, Paypal and secondary fees like eBay or Mercari. That is of course if they are paying near market value. If that doesn’t work I would say look on Facebook Funko groups and try to sell that way.

Taking those off the market, I would recommend eBay.  The global shipping program has been heaven sent! A lot of overseas people are still looking for Funko pops, and now that eBay pays to ship the items overseas from the Global Shipping Headquarters it opens up your potential buying audience immensely. Lately, with me slow playing to try to make as much money as possible that has been the best option.

Mercari has also been very effective, but not nearly as effective lately as eBay. Rounding out some of the other options you obviously have Letgo and OfferUp, and I admit I have had no luck with those at all, it all depends on which area you are in.

If you find yourself in a tough position to step away I hope things work out the best for you. Let us know if you have great Funko tips!