The Walking Dead from AMC got into the hot market of mystery boxes. They are calling it the Supply Drop, this is going to be a quarterly box and this was the first box they have had. I can say the the packaging was amazing. This came in a cardboard sealed box, with bubble wrap around the outside of this inner box as you can see. I wish they took as much care as they did i the look and packaging of the box, you’ll see why very soon. This initial box was a shade over $60 shipped ($50 for the box itself) that’s not bad for a quarterly box, but point blank, it was an utter rip off, maybe the worst I have had in mystery boxes.

The Walking Dead’s Supply Drop can be found here, if you would like to take a look for yourself.


Opening the box comes with a scary surprise! I love the image, the tissue paper, the sticker, so far very promising. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks TGON


First item is a 100 Episode lanyard. Also seen is part of the “spoiler” card. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks TGON

So after doing a quick value check, wow Lanyards are all over the place, I haven’t seen this particular one yet, but I see a range from $3 to $10, this one doesn’t detach which is more. I would value this at $6.


Funko Pop Father Gabriel came next. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks TGON

Funko Pops are very popular, I talked with the only other person I know who has this box so far and they got Carl so it is random for each box. However I have the entire Walking Dead Funko Pop line so it doesn’t help me at all. Even though their site says this retails at $14.95 these can be found in stores at $9.99.


Two pack of socks, like literally the smallest socks I have ever seen. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks TGON

Quick search for tiny socks, I find a 3 pack for $13. So let’s split the difference on these and call it $9. I wouldn’t ever buy these though, I really doubt it would fill my size 12 feet. 3 items in we are around $25 in market value. As a reminder, since it’s been awhile, for a mystery box like that you expect to get 1.5 times your purchase price for an average box, 2 times or more for great boxes.


Coffee Mug, that is supposed to change color(s) when hot. I’m not sure I haven’t used it yet. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks TGON

Most people like coffee mugs, which is somewhat of a common theme in boxes, I don’t drink coffee so it is something that is likely re-gifted. Unless you get this just know I spent so much time carefully thinking of a gift for you! Doing the quick search Walking Dead color change mugs are around $10, which seems crazy.


They did advertise a shirt in this box. I’m not sure if this is exclusive to this box or not? Photo Credit: Jon Hicks TGON

Shirts, I like it, it’s not bad, I just have so many shirts, 7 days in a week, and I have to wear the same work shirt for 5 of them. Shirts are typically $15.


Stickers, they look in good shape, maybe keep in an album? Photo Credit: Jon Hicks TGON

Stickers are cool, they can be peeled and stuck somewhere, value wise is fairly minimal, specially in the batch they are making(I am a manager of a sign shop). In the bulk they would sell maybe a dollar to three for the total.


The spoiler card calls this a Hi-Res photo of the cast. I thought it was just a regular post card filler. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks TGON

I hold this value at literally nothing.

The first three items came around $25, which seems high, the shirt, and mug came to around $25. The stickers and photo hold no actual value, if we even gave the stickers a dollar each that would only get you to $55 which doesn’t even cover how much you a consumer would actually pay for this box. I have held no punches that The Walking Dead as a show is failing, and this first box is also a failure.

They need to make sure they give you actual value, not just fancy pictures and show, they would need to come up with some exclusive item(s) every box to give to you to make you want to get this box. You could piece a similar box like this out and get the exact items you wanted and likely cheaper. I hope they evaluate and improve before the net installment.