I am going to be heading to my first San Diego Comic Con ever in roughly 5 days (as of writing this article), and it has already been quite the adventure. The lottery results finally have been announced today, and it has caused quite an epic stir! For many major companies and autograph opportunities it came down to the luck of the draw instead of your determination to sit and wait. The lineup and wait approach will still be possible with a number of vendors, but from what I have seen the feedback so far to this change has been nearly negative across the board.

What I’ve been hearing, and very valid responses, is people are saying they wouldn’t have gone to the Comic Con this year, spent money on the tickets, hotels, and travel expenses if they knew they had no chance to get their collectible, or autograph of choice before even arriving. You know you don’t know until you try something, but this approach might not have been the best after all.

What this has done, is it made everyone, myself included, just apply for any and all lotteries available. You have no idea what you might have won, and if you got lucky to get two things at the same time you would just pick what you wanted more. The by-product of that is so many people ended up winning things they don’t collect, and it has made a lot of people upset. People are upset that they didn’t win something they were interested in, while others are upset they didn’t win anything! The aftermarket is already crazy as collectors don’t have access to their items of choice without resorting to eBay, or trying to make a trade.

With that said, I was lucky enough to pull a 4 pm Sunday Funko time slot, the collectible I actually collect. I hope things are available that I still want but you never know.

The good news now is I can start planning what panels and things I want to look out for! I’m looking for the Fear the Walking Dead panel on Friday, I need to find the time for the Saturday Walking Dead panel. Obviously, with no HBO we can’t focus on Game of Thrones, maybe I’ll take a trip towards The 100, or I could just randomly wander everywhere!

Conan is set up for Wednesday for me, and Funko Fundays is slated for Friday night. Saturday afternoon could find me at the Skybound Insiders event followed by the Funko booth, it seems Thursday is very open and Sunday is a travel day.

So I’m not going to just sit here and complain without trying to come up with a future solution, what I have been hearing is that an idea is to have people fill out some sort of quiz to show they know what they are entering, or some sort of point system, so everyone starts with a certain amount of points, and you decide how many you want to put into each option. Will it work? Will it cause a new wave of complaints? We may never know.

If you see me out and about please come say hi. I’ll be dressed up for Fundays and will have a Funko Fiends vest as well. May your 2018 San Diego Comic Con be enjoyable!