Today’s group of San Diego Comic Con Reveals was all about Cartoons! Looney Toons and Brian’s favorite Hanna Barbera!


Today’s reveals makes some people want to give sweet sweet kisses. Like the love able Pepe Le Pew from the Looney Toons line. It’s not a limited pop which is nice because it’s a sweet looking mold. Photo Credit: Funko


The last Looney Tunes reveal this for today was Playboy Penguin. I honestly don’t know anything about Playboy Penguin, but here he is. Photo Credit: Funko


Hanna Barbera had two groups of listings today. The only one that wasn’t limited is 1.) Captain Caveman! He is a pretty cool character, and honestly of this group the only one I remember. 2.) The rest of this group are all individually numbered pops to 4000. They are all from the Banana Splits line. You have Bingo the Monkey, you have Snorky the Elephant, Fleegle the dog, and Drooper the, I have no idea what that is honestly. I can’t say I remember this line. Photo Credit: Funko


The drops conclude with two 2 pack Vynl.s. We start with 1.) Limited to 3500 Quick Draw McGraw and Baba Looey. This is a pretty cool set as Quick Draw is a solid character and has had some nice variants. 2.) The last piece is limited to 2100 pieces Muttley and Dastardly. This is also a classic pairing and limited might help draw the sales interest on this one. Photo Credit: Funko

Another day has come and gone, I’m getting afraid that I have no needs so far. I feel that Funko will drop the Game of Thrones, Flash, and Walking Dead hammer down on me soon. They might hit me with a new line like Fear the Walking Dead.