The New Baxter Brothers

After the crazy thanksgiving that Jughead and Betty had at the Academy, it was relieving to see Jughead win the Baxter Brothers contract. I loved this scene more because I loved the look on Brent’s face when he found out that it wasn’t him. This confirmed to all the stuck up snoots in the room that he was the best writer despite his less fortunate upbringing. After Jughead received the news he was able to get Chuck to track down his grandfather to find out the truth behind the book series. It was strange to see his grandfather living in a forest. This also made me think about how Jughead was lost in the forest. I was glad to see the original foresight own up to responsibilities and opened up to the idea of seeing F.P.

Jughead’s conspiracy theory about Mr.Depaul robbing his grandfather of credit and fortune was laid to rest once he assured him that it wasn’t true. It turned out that Jughead was right about it being his grandfather’s writing, but he legally sold it to Mr.Depaul making him clean of any past plagiarism. Jughead can finally sleep at night knowing that his family wasn’t robbed of a better life, but he still has to solve the reasoning of his instructor’s suicide. I still don’t feel like he did it willingly.

In The House’s Walls

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After speaking to the school’s counselor in the previous episode, Cherly decided to find the culprit that tried to drive her crazy. By exposing her home to poison, she was able to find her mother who was also the one moving the doll around. I didn’t think she would have the nerve to lurk around Riverdale after everything that she has done to the children. I can’t understand Penelope’s hatred towards Chery, especially since it’s her daughter, but it makes me think that she would possibly kill her. It’s weird that she is envious of Cherly’s relationship with Jason when he was her Son and her brother. Those are two different kinds of relationships for her to be envious of his relationship with his twin sister is stupid. She literally birthed both of them, but act as if she only gave birth to one. She is getting what she deserves and I know that Cheryl won’t have any mercy on her.

The Last Of Dodger?

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Dodger hit the wrong button when he decided to put his kids in the hospital again. F.P warned Archie to give up his vigilante life, but it’s hard to let go because no one else is doing anything to protect the youth. F.P decided to not play cop this time, but instead, be what he was born to be. A Serpent. The two of them beat down the Dickenson brothers which eventually led to F.P getting shot. Archie took it upon his own to get justice, but Archie feels like he has failed the kids. They look up to him as a role model, so it was uncomfortable to watch him be violent out of anger. I think that Archie is burdening himself too much with the responsibility of filling his father’s shoes when he will never be his father. There is was only one of him, just like there is only one Archie and one Archie can only do so much.

Tangerine Hypnosis

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A word from the hospital got out that Polly clawed out the face of a nurse because she was under a hypnotic spell. The Nurse’s name was Betty which made me freak out because I thought that Betty was going to seriously get hurt. Later on in the episode, Alice received a call and was hypnotized to kill Betty too. The call was traced back to the prison where Evelyn was held. She told Betty that she used the word Tangering to activate the hypnotism which triggers her family to kill Dark Betty. In order for her to free herself from her dark side, she had to go within herself to kill the dark side of Betty which started the day she killed her cat Caramel. It seemed that Betty did get rid of her dark side, but the spoof at the end of this episode says otherwise.

Rating: 4.5/5

I enjoyed this episode mainly because Cheryl mentally freed herself from her family. Her mother is a piece of work, but I’m interested to see how she will torture her for her crimes. I was glad that she finally let Jason rest in peace because it was cringe to watch his rotting corpse sit inside the house. At least this time we know there is no looking back or digging up his body. I was also glad to see her friends come to support her in the most troubling time of her life. She has no one, but Toni and Nana rose, but maybe that’s all she really needs. I also enjoyed the adventure that Jughead took to find out the truth behind the Baxter brothers series. I’m glad he isn’t a sell-out and he always puts family before fortune.

Now that Dodger is out of Riverdale, hopefully, Archie can focus more on being active for the center and school. I was starting to get really tired of the same conflict between Archie and another grown man. The only thing that I didn’t like about this episode was the war between Veronica and Hiram. There feud is getting old and if she really just wanted to get him out of her life she would just leave. It’s like a game with those two. They love provoking each other and this is the time to move as a family it’s her senior year. She should just focus on graduating and going to college not selling rum. If you think about it, technically she’s underage.