Bonnie is attempting to confront her sister about the baby she thought was dead. Walking back into the house, she has a determined look on her face. Are we finally going to find out if Bonnie has a living child. We also learned that he was also at the reception wanting to talk to Bonnie. Well the sister to sister talk is not going so well. Then her sister can’t handle the truth and she ends up going to an NA meeting and leaving Bonnie at the house. She uses this chance to ramble through her sisters things and finds her gun. Now, Frank follows Bonnie’s sister to her meeting and records her speaking. In the end her sister confesses to Bonnie that she murdered her son.

Conner and Oliver are checking out venue’s for their wedding and reception. Back at the house everyone is getting to know one another and Asher is getting close to Connor’s mom. And Connor gets upset when he learns that his mom is going to his bachelor party because Asher opened up his big mouth. Connor learns that Oliver’s mom wants to pay for a venue and has asked his mom to chip in 10k. Oliver overhears and they sit down and talk and agree that he has to tell his mother that he is HIV positive. I completely forgot about his status. Oliver tells her and they have a heart to heart. And she gives him support and lets him know that she will always be there for him. Oliver’s mom then has a heart to heart with Connor about the wedding. She gives him a little insight into Oliver as a kind and what his dreams are. She’s just a mom who wants to give her child the world and make sure he’s happy.

The team is assigned a new case, a $100 million lawsuit and Laurel is put in charge. Michaela volunteered, but since Annalise is meeting with the governor, Tegan is in charge of the the team. And we know that, well Tegan doesn’t care too much for Michaela. Laurel tries to back out, but Tegan doesn’t give her a chance. Back to Annalise’s meeting with Burkhead, she offers her a very sweet deal. But I couldn’t help but think, as smart as Annalise is, how come she didn’t see it. How come she could not tell the governor was playing her? Then she accepts the sweet deal and jepordizes everything she worked for including the law clinic after she claims that she doesn’t trust anyone. Even Everett tries to help her and tells her that the deal is not as good as it may look, but she goes through with it anyways. Then she makes a huge mistake and makes a deal with the governor to pardon Nate Sr. The governor then uses that as further leverage to get Annalise to work for her. She even believes that the governor is on her side. She fell for it lock, stock, and barrel.

Update on Nate Sr, Miller gets him moved to the top of list and informs Nate. Nate Sr has also asked to write the family of the man he killed, apologizing for taking his life. Annalise also lets Nate know that his dad is set to be pardoned courtesy of the governor. But before any of that can happen Nate Sr, is shot and killed during the transfer.