After the crazy fall of the church of night that occurred in season two, we now see how the Spellman family picked up the pieces and begin to rebuild. By rebuild, of course, I mean reform. One thing we love about Sabrina is her continuous efforts to break rules and make her own. She doesn’t attach her identity to just one realm or one belief. Although she believed that her father was a man who was tragically killed in an accident, it was shocking to find out that her father is actually the Dark Lord himself. In the last episode of season 2, we saw Sabrina temporarily defeat the Dark Lord by holding him as a prisoner inside of her boyfriend Nicolas Scratch. In this episode, she returns to hell to retrieve her love and so the adventures continue……..

The New Church Of Night

Zelda and Hilda opened their home to the students from The Academy Of Unseen Arts, but Zelda felt it was time to reopen the academy. She would take on the responsibility of being the Academy’s director and high priestess. Since no one knew where Faustus was, Zelda created a replica in his image, but this Faustus is very different. He isn’t so dark, conniving, and sexist. He is what a real leader should be, but I highly doubt that this charade will last long. It was a good move by Zelda because she felt it was best for the Academy, but It’s not her responsibility to shove this reform down their throat after they’ve discovered that their whole life is a lie. If I were them I wouldn’t know what to believe anymore, but Zelda made it clear that their new Lord is Lilith.

The Search For Blackwell

Prudence and Ambrose were tucked away in New Orleans searching for answers about the whereabouts of Father Blackwood. Their magic alone couldn’t do the trick so they sought out help from a local voodoo which. Prudence is determined to kill her father at all costs, but I fear that he will manipulate her into submitting to him again. Prudence is a strong woman, but she was also a daddy’s girl. Prudence can also be won over with power because Blackwood dangled that over her head for years. She wanted to believe that being of Blackwood blood meant something special, but the truth is, it means nothing. In this case, her blood was able to make a path on a map to his exact location.

The Red Road To Hell

Surprisingly Harvey, Theo, and Ros started a band and there actually really good. Instead of tuning into the music, Sabrina proposed that the three tag along on her quest to save Nick. It was relieving for Sabrina to tell her friends the truth, but I feel like her adventures may be too much for them. On their adventure, Lilith decided to play physiological games as a way to torture them. I could tell that it would take a lot more to get used to, especially the demons that portray their loved ones. It was confusing to me why Lilith didn’t want to be found after all that Sabrina has done for her including giving up her place as queen of hell. I guess Lilith still has insecurity, especially around Sabrina.

It was clear that she wanted no parts of her father’s kingdom, but the demons of the realm didn’t take Lilith seriously as their ruler. In exchange for Nick, Lilith asked that Sabrina properly make her queen so that everyone could acknowledge her as their lord, but the plan changed once Prince Calabn proclaimed his right to rule and declared his plans to rule hell and earth. Because of this Sabrina had to claim the throne as her own and make Lilith her royal advisor.  I could tell that it killed Lilith inside, but it was their only choice. Sabrina made being the queen of hell sound like it’s not a big deal, which means she doesn’t really know what she’s in for.

Rating: 3.5/5

This season is off to a good start, but some confusion was built in this episode. For instance, I thought that Sabrina and Lilith were on good terms prior to her returning to hell. I couldn’t understand why she didn’t want Sabrina to find her. I also didn’t understand why hell didn’t look like hell. From a biblical standpoint, hell is described as a horrifying place where souls burn till eternity. In this episode, Sabrina just walked through a forest, got washed up on the shores of sorrow, and walked along with the hell’s version of the Wizzard of oz. I imagined hell being a place on fire, not a sorrow beach with a sexy prince building a sandcastle on it.

I did like the idea of Sabrina taking the throne because she is going to face more challenging conflict than ever. I’m looking forward to seeing how she will do as a ruler and hope that Lilith won’t stab her in the back like she has done before. I’m confident that Zelda will do her best to get the Church Of Night back in order, but the reform shouldn’t be forced. I’m also very curious to see who is making their way to Greendale…..Perhaps Prince Calaban.